Managing Stress Could Be Blessing In Disguise

Managing Stress Could Be Blessing In Disguise

Life with stress and life without stress- they are poles apart!

Some types of​ stress are inevitable. Some stresses are those over which you​ have no control. Plus,​ some one may be the​ cause of​ your stress; there are some types of​ stress of​ which you​ are the​ cause,​ and therefore you​ have to​ find its solution.

Mostly,​ the​ level of​ your stress and the​ level of​ your heartbeat go hand in​ hand. the​ greater the​ pounding,​ more intense is​ the​ level of​ the​ pressure. Nobody is​ happy to​ own the​ stress permanently. Hence,​ arises the​ question of​ managing the​ stress.

The causes of​ stress are innumerable. May be that it​ concerns your children,​ or​ the​ usual,​ unusual arguments with your spouse. a​ word of​ caution to​ the​ heart patients. Develop the​ trait of​ patience and avoid stress at​ all costs. Stress is​ the​ cause of​ many heart attacks.

Remember the​ cop managing the​ heavy traffic in​ a​ busy junction-he is​ the​ master of​ traffic rules,​ he has the​ assistance of​ red,​ yellow and green signals. He regulates,​ controls the​ rush of​ a​ large number of​ vehicles,​ with the​ assistance of​ these signals.

So,​ coping stress is​ all about stress management. Nobody likes to​ remain in​ a​ state of​ stress. But the​ style of​ life in​ the​ modern materialistic civilization,​ throws many types of​ stresses,​ without your asking for it. Rather,​ stress is​ forced upon you! Managing the​ stress assumes added importance here. Some of​ the​ following guidelines may help you​ in​ manging the​ stress:

1. Do not suppress your stress. Only you​ know the​ reason of​ your stress. Discuss your difficulties with your trusted ones,​ friends,​ relatives or​ with your spouse.

2. Do some deep breathing exercises,​ for 10-15 minutes everyday,​ sitting all alone.

3. Everything in​ the​ world is​ happening as​ it​ should. you​ are not the​ one to​ create all the​ problems or​ to​ solve all the​ problems. the​ perfect order or​ discipline that you​ want might not be available at​ all times. Carry on​ them,​ with the​ available discipline.

4. Temper is​ very valuable. Do not lose it. But if​ you​ are determined to​ lose it,​ do not respond to​ anyone at​ a​ high temperature level. Let things cool down. Time provides its own answers,​ for major part of​ your problems.

5. Think of​ the​ positive side of​ the​ issue. the​ strength of​ the​ negative side,​ will then automatically weaken.

Sometimes,​ a​ spiritual personality can help you​ more,​ for sure,​ than your psychologist or​ family doctor. Do not hesitate to​ surrender before the​ Perfect Master. He may bestow you​ with such grace,​ bless you​ with such positive thoughts that your stress may just float away,​ destination less and direction less never to​ return again.

Yes,​ this is​ not a​ vague assumption. This stress,​ could be your blessing in​ disguise!

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