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Managing Stress And Fatigue Articles That Help

Managing stress and fatigue seems to​ be an​ elusive dream for many. They know they have unmanaged stress,​ and they realize it​ is​ leading to​ ongoing fatigue,​ but they are at​ a​ loss as​ to​ what to​ do. They may not want to​ visit a​ professional for help,​ and are instead seeking Internet articles.

Managing stress and fatigue is​ the​ focus of​ articles across the​ Internet. We review a​ few of​ them here for your help.

Managing Stress and Fatigue – Article for Employees

The New Zealand Dept. of​ Labour has posted a​ number of​ good articles on​ managing stress and fatigue on​ their OSH government website. These articles are designed for different audiences,​ so you​ may find what you​ need there. One from July 9,​ 2003,​ advises both employers and employees on​ practical ways to​ handle stress in​ the​ workplace. Entitled "Healthy Work - Managing Stress and Fatigue in​ the​ Workplace,​" this article can be downloaded and printed for discussion and reference. This article points out that not only employers,​ but employees also have responsibilities for managing stress and fatigue.

Managing Stress and Fatigue – Article for Travelers

Frequent travelers will appreciate an​ article about managing stress and fatigue while traveling. the​ Forbes website posted an​ article on​ October 18,​ 2018 that Hannah Clark wrote about managing stress and fatigue. Ms. Clark gives practical tips in​ her article: how to​ improve circulation in​ the​ legs; how to​ reduce plane noise; how to​ decompress when you​ arrive. if​ you​ travel by plane frequently,​ or​ travel across time zones by plane,​ this article will be a​ big help in​ managing stress on​ your next trip.

Managing Stress and Fatigue – Article for Veterinarians

The August 15,​ 2004 issue of​ Javma News has a​ helpful article on​ managing stress and fatigue,​ particularly if​ the​ fatigue comes in​ part from being compassionate to​ others. If,​ for example,​ a​ veterinarian must give bad news to​ a​ pet owner,​ it​ causes compassion fatigue. the​ author uses the​ example of​ a​ passenger on​ an​ airplane. the​ emergency instructions given urge that if​ the​ oxygen masks drop,​ you​ adjust your own first,​ and then help others. the​ focus of​ this article is​ on​ making sure you​ take action to​ manage your own stress so that you​ are able to​ show compassion to​ others. Very practical tips are given for managing stress. This article can be found at​ the​ American Veterinary Medical Association website.

Managing Stress and Fatigue – Article for Everyone

Managing stress and fatigue is​ often a​ matter of​ understanding stress. "Signs and Symptoms,​ Causes of​ Stress" is​ an​ article by this author that offers simple insights into the​ true meaning of​ stress. Whether it​ is​ family stress,​ workplace stress,​ or​ stress among children and students,​ managing stress and fatigue will begin with an​ understanding that stress is​ your response to​ stressors. you​ may not be able to​ manage the​ stressor itself,​ but you​ can manage your response. you​ can respond positively,​ resulting in​ beneficial eustress,​ or​ negatively,​ resulting in​ debilitating distress.

For example,​ efforts to​ stop smoking frequently generate a​ need for managing stress and fatigue. the​ stress is​ not the​ fact that you​ cannot smoke when you​ want to​ smoke. That is​ the​ stressor. on​ the​ one hand,​ your response to​ that stressor can be one of​ delight that you​ are finally going to​ kick the​ habit. Such a​ response will be beneficial stress that empowers you​ to​ refrain from smoking. on​ the​ other hand,​ your response may be a​ desire to​ fight against your determination to​ quit. you​ may respond inwardly that it​ is​ too difficult and too tiring. you​ become depressed by the​ situation. Such debilitating stress,​ i.e. response to​ stressors,​ can cause fatigue.

Managing stress and fatigue is​ a​ matter of​ playing both ends against the​ middle.

1. Fatigue can often be the​ cause of​ stress,​ since we are less able to​ respond appropriately when we are tired. Sufficient rest is​ key in​ managing stress at​ any level. Setting regular sleep hours,​ and adhering to​ them,​ can relax the​ mind,​ emotions,​ and physical body,​ making them ready to​ deal with stressors.

2. Stress can often be the​ cause of​ fatigue. Responding to​ stressors with debilitating distress drains the​ body of​ energy and leaves an​ individual lethargic. Responding with beneficial eustress fills the​ body with energy and happiness. Managing stress with eustress will usually result in​ a​ reduction of​ fatigue.

Helpful Tip

Beware of​ articles on​ managing stress and fatigue that lead you​ to​ believe you​ can only manage after stress and fatigue have occurred. Many seem to​ believe that managing stress and fatigue is​ a​ matter of​ locking the​ barn door after the​ horse has gotten out and is​ racing across the​ fields. Managing stress and fatigue requires a​ proactive approach. Gain an​ understanding of​ stress and fatigue,​ and build guards into your life so that you​ can respond with eustress.


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