Managing Parental Stress

Managing Parental Stress

Being a​ parent is​ not easy,​ but it​ is​ a​ great challenge. After all,​ we are responsible for helping,​ raising and educating our children from the​ stage of​ a​ baby into the​ stage of​ adulthood. Although they move on​ into adulthood,​ we never stop being parents and always want to​ make sure that they are doing well. as​ a​ paradox,​ we need to​ learn how to​ be less of​ a​ parent,​ in​ order to​ reduce parental stress!

As good parents,​ we want to​ protect them from the​ world,​ but the​ world will show up and then we need to​ transfer control,​ in​ other words,​ to​ let them learn to​ deal with the​ world,​ and even more,​ to​ let them learn from their own mistakes. of​ course,​ this will make parental stress worse for a​ while,​ but in​ the​ long run it​ will be better for them to​ learn this way. However,​ this does not mean that we should not keep an​ eye on​ our children,​ but also we must allow them to​ be imperfect and they will learn to​ find their own way.

Helpful Resources for Reducing Parental Stress

We must keep our stress under control,​ even if​ our children may become rebellious for a​ while (especially during the​ teenage years) and they will probably try to​ act in​ a​ way that may shock us.

Keep in​ mind the​ following things and you​ may be able to​ keep your parental stress to​ a​ minimum:

- Teenagers are not perfect,​ neither are adults

- Teenagers are always eager to​ go their own way

- Try to​ figure out what is​ going on​ in​ their heads

- Do not forget that we were their age once...

When the​ parental stress gets to​ be too much,​ we have a​ lot of​ helpful resources,​ such as: support groups,​ books,​ and websites that want to​ help us through our child-raising stress.

By managing our own parental stress,​ we allow our children to​ grow up and keep our emotions under control. So,​ rather than allowing parental stress to​ take over our life,​ we better keep an​ eye on​ our children,​ making sure that they are doing well and enjoying their life together within the​ family.

Conventional and Unconventional Stress-Relievers

You may here about all kind of​ popular stress management techniques,​ but I will show you​ here some original and creative stress relievers that keep myself and my family feel more relaxed and enjoy our life.

Playing With Kids: Have fun,​ play and interact with your kids! if​ you​ have small children,​ do not just supervise them,​ better really play with them! This can be a​ great diversion from your stress,​ and the​ children will love it,​ too. Walk and talk with your older children,​ shop and talk with your teens and the​ parental stress is​ gone!

Maintain a​ Clean and Organized Living Space: Cleaning your house and getting organized at​ home it​ is​ very important task. a​ beautifully decorated,​ comforting environment in​ your home can be a​ safe haven where you​ can escape from daily stress.

Gardening: Digging,​ planting,​ fertilizing and tending a​ garden of​ vegetables or​ flowers,​ can be a​ wonderfully relaxing time,​ with the​ reward of​ delicious organic food,​ or​ a​ gorgeous yard as​ well! the​ physical activity of​ planting can be a​ great stress release,​ while sunshine is​ a​ great source of​ vitamin D.

Singing,​ Loudly: We have seven musicians in​ our home,​ so we can tell you​ for sure that loud vocalization releases tension from your body. a​ great way to​ start the​ day is​ by singing in​ the​ shower and in​ the​ car.

Put on​ Some Music: Listening to​ good music as​ you​ get ready and start your day will create positive energy and a​ soothing sense of​ peace. Music can compliment other healthy habits,​ as​ your morning walk,​ or​ your journaling.

Stretch in​ the​ Shower: the​ hot water will loosen up your muscles,​ but the​ act of​ stretching will help you​ to​ release stored tension and enable you​ to​ start the​ day feeling more relaxed and ready to​ handle your everyday jobs and problems.

Eat a​ Balanced Breakfast: you​ may start the​ day by drinking coffee,​ but do not skip the​ breakfast,​ known as​ ‘the most important meal of​ the​ day’! a​ healthy meal in​ the​ morning,​ plenty of​ protein and fruit,​ can balance your blood sugar levels and give you​ the​ sustenance you​ need to​ handle your daily stress.

Drink Green Tea: you​ may drink coffee,​ but green tea is​ loaded with antioxidants,​ so it​ is​ a​ delicious and healthy alternative. We drink daily a​ warm cup of​ tea and this fact helps us to​ feel nurtured and to​ prepare for the​ day ahead.

Organize Your Time: Keep a​ schedule,​ learn to​ say no to​ urgent and excessive demands on​ your time,​ and you​ will have more time to​ do the​ important things in​ your life. you​ will have more time to​ do things that you​ enjoy in​ life,​ and raising children is​ one of​ the​ most important things. Believe me,​ what I write here it​ is​ not just theory! I have nine children and I know what I am talking about.

Write in​ Your Journal: Journaling or​ blogging (if you​ use a​ computer) has many health and stress management benefits,​ and can help you​ keep focused on​ important issues of​ your life,​ process negative emotions,​ and solve your stress problems.

Morning Walk: a​ morning walk with or​ without your kids can get you​ ready for the​ day,​ lower your stress level,​ help you​ sleep better at​ night,​ and reduce your risk of​ many health conditions. And if​ you​ bring a​ dog with you,​ as​ my wife and I do,​ you​ will totally enjoy your walk!

Cultivate a​ Supportive Social Group: Having school age children you​ can find a​ helpful social group within the​ school,​ with people to​ talk to​ in​ times of​ crisis. Make the​ commitment to​ meet more people,​ develop better relationships for yourself and for your kids,​ and you​ will find that the​ reward worth the​ effort.

Take Care of​ Your Body: “Beloved,​ I pray that in​ all respects you​ may prosper and be in​ good health,​ just as​ your soul prospers” (3John1:2). an​ unhealthy body can cause big stress,​ so getting enough sleep,​ exercising regularly,​ eating a​ healthy diet and getting massages are all good ways to​ take care of​ your body and to​ decrease stress.

Renew Your Spirit: if​ you​ left the​ church behind other “urgent and important” activities try to​ go back to​ church. if​ you​ never went there,​ you​ should try. Nothing to​ lose,​ life to​ gain! Do not be ignorant! I find real life,​ entirely free of​ stress,​ every Sunday in​ my church and in​ every Christian church I visit!

Conclusion: as​ you​ develop these stress-relieving practices in​ your daily life,​ you​ should experience less parental stress,​ being able to​ handle it. This will lead you​ to​ a​ happier and healthier family lifestyle.

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