Maldives Luxury Hotels On The Baa Atoll

Maldives Luxury Hotels On The Baa Atoll

The Baa Atoll is​ made up of​ 50 islands and is​ south of​ the​ Raa Atoll,​ and north of​ the​ Male Atoll. it​ is​ around 130 Km northwest of​ the​ airport,​ and is​ home to​ around 5 resorts,​ which were uninhabited but have now been converted to​ quality hotels.

The Baa atoll is​ normally reached from the​ airport by seaplanes and speedboats. It’s a​ long way on​ a​ speedboat so a​ seaplane flight is​ the​ recommended way.

The resort islands are still completely unspoiled and here you will find some of​ the​ best snorkelling,​ diving and surfing spots in​ the​ Maldives

There is​ no doubt the​ principal attractions are the​ unspoilt natural beauty of​ the​ Baa Atoll,​ the​ untouched beaches,​ and the​ pristine condition reefs.

The hotels which appear below are also a​ reason for visiting the​ Baa Atoll.

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is​ a​ 5 star hotel with 99 rooms which is​ 124 Km from the​ airport,​ and will take 30 minutes by sea plane.

Four Seasons Landaa Giravaru is​ a​ 5 star deluxe hotel with 102 rooms,​ and it​ is​ 120 Km from the​ airport,​ with a​ 30 minute transfer by sea plane.

Reethi Beach Resort is​ a​ 4 star hotel with 100 rooms and it​ is​ 104Km from the​ airport,​ which will take about 30 minutes by sea plane.

Royal Island Resort and Spa is​ a​ 5 star hotel with 150 rooms,​ and it​ is​ 110 Km from the​ airport,​ and the​ transfer by speed boat will take 2 Hours and 40 Minutes,​ or​ 35 minutes by sea plane.

Soneva Fushi Resort & Six Senses Spa is​ a​ 6 star deluxe hotel with 65 rooms,​ which is​ 96 Km from the​ airport and a​ 30 minute transfer by sea plane.

There are only 13 inhabited islands from the​ total of​ 50 islands.

It was as​ recently as​ 1998 that the​ first tourist resort on​ Baa Atoll opened,​ followed by four more Maldives luxury hotels,​ and these resorts have increased employment on​ the​ Baa Atoll. the​ other islands remain as​ they were,​ totally unexploited with white sandy beaches,​ whose only real visitors are tourists on​ hotel excursions.

Baa Atoll does have possibly the​ top Maldives Luxury Hotel in​ the​ Soneva Fushi Resort Maldives,​ but the​ Four Seasons Resort Maldives,​ the​ Coco Palm Maldives,​ the​ Four Seasons Resort Maldives,​ and the​ Royal Resort Maldives number amongst the​ resorts that should be on​ your list.

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