Make Money With Mortgage Leads

Make Money With Mortgage Leads 1

Make Money With Mortgage Leads
When it​ comes to​ mortgage leads,​ your ultimate goal is​ to​ make money .​
Mortgage lead companies can provide you​ with a​ lead .​
the​ rest is​ up to​ you.
For starters,​ finding the​ right lead company is​ key .​
Be sure to​ do your research and find a​ mortgage lead company that sells good quality leads .​
Not the​ type of​ leads that are recycled,​ or​ bought from third party companies and resold over and over again.
When calling a​ prospect on​ one of​ your mortgage leads,​ you​ may at​ some point be confronted with the​ challenge of​ an​ objection from your customer .​
This in​ no way is​ a​ reason to​ abandon the​ lead.
Some of​ the​ challenges you​ may be confronted with,​ are as​ follows.
I am no longer interested.
If the​ prospect hits you​ with this line,​ chances are they got cold feet .​
This is​ understandable due to​ the​ fact that purchasing or​ refinancing a​ home is​ a​ very large financial undertaking.
Say something like this.
Oh,​ I’m sorry to​ hear that .​
After reviewing your on-line application,​ I​ was able to​ fit you​ into a​ really nice program based on​ the​ information you​ provided.
Nine times out of​ ten,​ this will catch their ear.
Another challenge you​ may come across is​ that they are working with someone else.
This could be true if​ you​ are purchasing your lead’s non exclusively .​
Most lead companies will sell their leads four to​ five times.
If you​ are confronted with this challenge,​ say something along these lines.
Oh,​ I’m very sorry to​ hear that,​ I​ have a​ really great program I’m sure you​ would be interested in​ .​
If you​ have just one moment,​ I​ would be happy to​ go over it​ with you.
This approach will normally get them thinking and want to​ hear more .​
Make sure they understand the​ importance of​ shopping around in​ this industry.
If neither one of​ these approaches works with the​ challenges you​ are faced with by your customer,​ then send them an​ e-mail .​
Most lead providers do provide the​ address on​ the​ lead.
You may also want to​ mail them out some brochures about the​ products and services you​ have to​ offer.
Remember,​ you​ work hard for your money,​ so work your leads .​
Don’t give up after the​ first objection,​ and your closure ratio will be sure to​ go up.

Make Money With Mortgage Leads

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