Maia Luxury Resort Spa On A Perfect Private Beach In The Seychelles

Maia Luxury Resort & Spa far exceeded our expectations when we​ stayed there in​ late January. This is​ a​ fantastic getaway destination,​ a​ real romantic island hideaway,​ on​ a​ perfect private beach.

Our villa could only be described as​ large,​ extremely well furnished with high quality materials. Our king sized bed was very comfortable,​ something you don’t always find even in​ the​ best five star resorts.

It also included an​ ice machine,​ and an​ ipod!!.

What we​ really enjoyed was the​ privacy,​ yet the​ open air feel to​ the​ villa,​ and our own infinity pool. we​ sat on​ the​ veranda on​ the​ day beds and enjoyed the​ ever changing wonderful view.

A personal butler,​ seems to​ be a​ must have nowadays in​ top resorts,​ and our butler was outstanding,​ never in​ your face,​ very unobtrusive,​ very willing,​ full of​ smiles,​ and above all very efficient.

Also I expected the​ butler to​ be male,​ but our lady butler,​ added several thoughtful feminine touches,​ which included flowers,​ and an​ unexpected and very romantic dinner for a​ very special occasion,​ that we​ still don’t ever remember mentioning!!

The beach at​ the​ Maia Luxury Resort & Spa is​ very private,​ and quite beautiful,​ what we​ liked as​ much as​ anything was this it​ is​ small,​ yet still a​ decent enough size to​ walk about on. the​ other great thing about the​ beach was the​ fact that you could snorkel the​ reef off the​ beach,​ and we​ should add the​ snorkeling was pretty good,​ lots of​ brightly colored fish.

The public areas of​ the​ hotel,​ by that I mean the​ pool,​ restaurant are also right next to​ the​ beach,​ and very important for me,​ there is​ no shortage of​ sun loungers,​ and a​ plentiful supply of​ towels,​ cold drinks,​ cold flannels. Again the​ quality of​ the​ staff at​ the​ Maia Resort & Spa was of​ the​ highest order.

The food in​ the​ restaurant was excellent,​ and you could leave the​ menu,​ and order whatever you fancied,​ which the​ chefs would produce for you. we​ saw people doing exactly this,​ though I can’t for the​ life of​ me think why,​ because the​ menu was very good on​ its own!!

This is​ a​ real romantic island hideaway,​ on​ a​ special private beach,​ and we​ both recommend you to​ the​ Maia Luxury Resort & Spa,​ on​ Mahe in​ the​ Seychelles

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