Magnetizing The Law Of Attraction

Magnetizing The Law Of Attraction 1

Much has been said about the​ law of​ attraction and the​ Secret,​ but we​ are missing the​ very practice that makes this law works –harnessing the​ power of​ electro-magnetism. the​ law of​ attraction is​ all about magnetic energy. we​ transmit thought energy which is​ magnetic. we​ attract the​ things that we​ visualize just like a​ magnet does. the​ whole universe was created with thought energy,​ an​ indication of​ how powerful this energy is. a​ person’s success very much depends largely on​ his or​ her ability to​ use this energy.

To harvest this electro-magnetic energy and improve our ability in​ attracting what we​ visualize,​ we​ have to​ practice sleeping with the​ head of​ our bed pointing North,​ running parallel with the​ magnetic pole through the​ earth. in​ this way,​ the​ magnetic currents of​ the​ earth move from the​ head to​ the​ feet,​ and we​ get full capacity. This magnetizes our physical being and enhances our ability to​ attract the​ things that we​ visualize. This may be the​ reason why some people are restless in​ bed,​ because they sleep with their body cutting across the​ magnetic pole. This is​ also the​ reason why some practitioners of​ the​ law of​ attraction get minimal result from their visualizations. it​ is​ because they have very weak electro-magnetic energy. People who have practiced the​ habit of​ sleeping with their head pointing North have been known to​ see the​ Earth’s magnetic field,​ which looks like fine white rain in​ a​ night sky. They can even tell if​ they are just a​ few inches off North while lying down because they can feel the​ energy running through their bodies. I sleep in​ this manner and have experience many of​ my visualizations materializing close to​ my original intentions. Also I feel more energized after I woke up.

The law of​ attraction operates electro-magnetically. How effective our ability is​ in​ attracting what we​ visualize is​ dependent on​ our mind and body’s electro-magnetic power. it​ is​ just like the​ batteries we​ use on​ our radio. When the​ battery is​ new,​ we​ get very clear signal from our favorite radio station,​ but when the​ battery is​ weak,​ all we​ get is​ a​ lot of​ static. Harnessing the​ earth’s electro-magnetic power is​ like re-charging the​ mind and body’s batteries to​ operate on​ full capacity,​ so that we​ can work on​ a​ clear signal. Fully charged,​ we​ can send our thoughts to​ the​ universe confidently knowing that it​ will manifest what we​ visualize and then having it​ sent back to​ us in​ its complete form. the​ quality of​ our electro-magnetic energy,​ visualization and the​ intensity of​ our broadcasts all have impacts on​ the​ end result.

Magnetizing The Law Of Attraction

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