Luxury Yacht Show Monaco September Has Record Entries

Luxury Yacht Show Monaco September Has Record Entries

Under the​ watchful eye of​ Prince Albert,​ the​ yacht show is​ part of​ Monaco's new stance on​ global warming,​ and comes shortly after Prince Albert himself traveled to​ the​ North Pole in​ April to​ highlight the​ damage he believes global warming is​ having on​ the​ environment.

"Since Prince Albert came to​ the​ throne last year" comments Henri Boulanger of​ Monte Carlo travel guide YourMonaco,​ "Monaco has changed her policy from one of​ the​ few countries not to​ sign the​ Kyoto Protocol to​ not only signing it​ but taking a​ lead in​ the​ battle against global warming. Prince Albert has personally taken steps to​ show how concerned he is,​ and by setting the​ example of​ going to​ the​ North Pole has shown the​ leadership necessary to​ encourage Monaco companies to​ become environmentally friendly,​ and the​ Monaco Yacht Show is​ an​ example of​ this."

The Monaco Yacht Show has built a​ reputation over the​ years as​ the​ place for the​ wealthy to​ view potential purchases,​ and this year there will be nearly a​ hundred yachts on​ display to​ those able to​ afford it.

In total 22,​000 visitors are expected to​ attend with over 500 exhibitors from the​ yachting world exhibiting.

The mix of​ wealth and Monte Carlo also means that real estate agents in​ Monaco will be on​ full alert. in​ previous years the​ Monaco Yacht Show has often proved more beneficial for the​ realtors than the​ Monaco Grand Prix.

The Monaco Grand Prix attracts tens of​ thousands of​ Formula 1 fans annually to​ the​ principality at​ the​ end of​ May,​ but with some Monte Carlo streets closed,​ showing property in​ Monaco can be more problematic than during the​ Yacht Show.

Monte Carlo real estate specialists Tribune Properties say that the​ more relaxed atmosphere of​ the​ Yacht Show allows potential property buyers to​ view properties.

"If someone is​ visiting Monaco for the​ Yacht Show and has several million Euros available,​ it's a​ pretty safe assumption that those buyers will have a​ few million for a​ property too,​ and a​ luxury yacht and Monaco Real Estate appeal to​ the​ same type of​ buyer",​ claims Roger Munns,​ Tribune's Managing Director.

Typical of​ Monaco Real Estate prices is​ a​ two bedroom two bathroom apartment in​ Seaside Plaza,​ close to​ where the​ Yacht Show is​ located,​ at​ 3,​700,​000 Euros.

Monaco Hotels

The emergence of​ the​ Yacht Show has helped the​ Monaco economy by drawing the​ world's wealthy to​ the​ principality for four days in​ September.

Until recently the​ Monaco Grand Prix in​ May and the​ Monte Carlo Masters tennis the​ month before have been the​ two main events of​ the​ year which boost the​ occupancy levels of​ the​ hotels in​ Monaco.

With the​ Yacht Show in​ September filling the​ hotels at​ premium rates,​ it​ has proved to​ be a​ welcome addition to​ the​ calendar of​ events for both residents and businesses alike,​ and the​ Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo will be the​ scene of​ many deals being signed over the​ four days.

This year also saw the​ first Monaco Flower Show,​ which it​ is​ hoped will also be a​ tourist magnet in​ future years.

"In the​ past Monaco has had the​ highlights of​ the​ Monaco Grand Prix and the​ tennis,​ with consistent numbers of​ visitors the​ rest of​ the​ year,​" state YourMonaco,​ 'but Monaco is​ becoming much more diverse in​ what it​ offers throughout the​ calendar year. the​ Yacht Show has been a​ success,​ and given a​ little time the​ Monaco Flower Show will appeal to​ a​ different type of​ tourist,​ and might be as​ popular as​ the​ Hampton Court and Chelsea Flower Shows are in​ the​ UK. Diversity is​ the​ key to​ sustained tourism,​ and Monaco is​ doing it​ very well.

Despite being the​ second smallest country in​ the​ world,​ Monaco has attracted many of​ the​ world's top business and entertainment people to​ live there due to​ her income tax free status,​ and with Prince Albert at​ the​ helm it​ seems that the​ principality is​ beginning to​ punch above her weight in​ world politics as​ he takes the​ lead on​ environmental issues',​ conclude YourMonaco.

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