Luxury Vehicles The Amphibious Hydra Spyder

Luxury Vehicles The Amphibious Hydra Spyder

With new products and technology being unveiled daily,​ I know that a​ recantation of​ my upcoming assertion is​ likely to​ be forthcoming. we​ really cannot walk on​ water! However,​ thanks to​ the​ Cool Amphibious Manufacturers Incorporated (C.A.M.I.),​ driving across it​ is​ not a​ problem as​ long as​ the​ depth of​ water is​ around four feet. So far C.A.M.I. has produced several large unsinkable vehicles,​ which are Terra Wind and Ford Explorer variants,​ along with its small and sporty Hydra Spyder. Perhaps such extreme-opposite vehicle types are presented to​ prove that size really doesn't matter at​ all when designing these magnificent,​ dual-transmission amphibious vehicles.

The Hydra Spyder's prototype features a​ 502 cubic-inch,​ fuel-injected engine,​ whereas the​ production units contain the​ Corvette LS2 Gen IV engine and a​ six-speed TKO high-performance manual transmission. it​ also has front-wheel drive,​ a​ four-wheel disc-brake system,​ 17-inch rims and wheels,​ and a​ stainless steel Sidewinder exhaust system. On the​ boat side,​ the​ hull is​ all aluminum,​ which doesn't rust,​ and the​ upper structure is​ made of​ fiberglass. a​ Berkley Marine Jet powers the​ Hydra Spyder,​ while a​ computerized air-ride retractable four-point front and rear suspension system keeps it​ afloat. All of​ the​ additional weight brought on​ the​ frame to​ function as​ a​ boat is​ at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ vehicle. So,​ its heaviness doesn't impact the​ vehicle's roadworthiness. Transitioning from land to​ water or​ vice versa is​ as​ simple as​ switching transmissions from the​ car's to​ the​ boat's.

C.A.M.I's "car-boats" were featured on​ ABC's Good Morning America and numerous other TV programs,​ magazines and newspapers worldwide. Although these vehicles can be operated in​ saltwater,​ ocean voyages are not recommended. Visit the​ firm's website for specific pricing,​ a​ list of​ optional features,​ and to​ see the​ vehicles in​ production.

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