Luxury Lodge Safaris In Tanzania

Luxury Lodge Safaris In Tanzania

Lodge Safaris in​ Tanzania – I will try to​ avoid the​ travel clichés of​ ‘unique’,​ ‘off the​ beaten track’ and ‘renowned for…’ These tired expressions are used over and over again for almost every destination in​ Africa! the​ lodge safari in​ Tanzania is​ by far the​ best way to​ see this lovely country. Tanzania has so much to​ offer,​ including many parks that have few visitors and high concentrations of​ game animals. Some National Parks boast just one lodge in​ a​ million hectares. Your Lodge safari in​ Tanzania can truly offer a​ taste of​ what the​ early explorers experienced.

When choosing your lodge safari,​ do so with care. Many visitors want to​ see the​ great migration and the​ Serengeti. Some lodges are in​ fact hotels and although very nice; they do not contribute to​ that ‘out of​ Africa’ experience. What is​ called for is​ a​ camp experience and the​ private camp is​ ideal for a​ special experience. When you look to​ plan your trip try not to​ go for the​ ‘lodge safari’ but the​ private camp safari. Your choice of​ lodge or​ camp is​ a​ very important part of​ the​ whole safari picture.

These camps are usually made up of​ a​ small number of​ tents. Not the​ two man tent with no standing room and sleeping on​ the​ hard and sometimes damp ground,​ nor is​ there the​ cooking over a​ stove and eating grass and sand with your tinned food. No,​ these private camps have tents that have large comfortable beds,​ a​ bathroom en suite and some even boast a​ butler service. the​ cuisine is​ of​ the​ highest quality and you dine from bone china and drink champagne [or beer] from crystal glasses.

If you want to​ listen at​ night to​ the​ song of​ the​ African bush with the​ occasional distant [or sometimes close] roar of​ a​ lion; if​ you want to​ open your tent in​ a​ morning to​ be greeted by Impala and Zebra grazing so close to​ your tent that you could almost touch them,​ then choose one of​ the​ tented camps. if​ you want to​ be in​ a​ remote part of​ the​ park but close to​ the​ animals; if​ you want to​ stand in​ the​ open plains of​ the​ Serengeti and not be joined by a​ caravan of​ twenty other safari vehicles,​ then the​ private camp is​ your option above the​ mere mass-market tourist lodge.

There are several such camps scattered throughout the​ Serengeti. Your choice of​ camp will depend on​ what time of​ year you visit Tanzania. a​ good camp is​ Kusini Camp in​ the​ Southern Serengeti. it​ is​ small,​ luxurious,​ and in​ the​ ideal spot from the​ end of​ December until March,​ as​ the​ great migration is​ in​ this area at​ this time. However,​ the​ rest of​ the​ year this camp is​ a​ little isolated and animals may be harder to​ see.

A problem with planning a​ safari round the​ migration is​ that the​ migration follows the​ rains and the​ rains are notoriously unpredictable. Your camp may end up being in​ the​ wrong area of​ the​ Serengeti. at​ times of​ little rain the​ migration can remain in​ the​ Northern Serengeti at​ a​ time of​ year when normally the​ animals have crossed into Kenya. Many safari expeditions in​ a​ season of​ little rain may find themselves in​ the​ wrong country!

This is​ a​ headache for safari operators,​ as​ a​ disappointed client is​ not good for business. However,​ this can be solved with a​ ‘mobile camp’ and this is​ not only the​ best option but also by far,​ the​ most expensive option.

To get around the​ high costs of​ the​ mobile camp there is​ a​ new breed of​ camp emerging,​ a​ semi-permanent camp. This is​ a​ tented camp that moves perhaps three or​ four times per year. it​ will follow the​ migration,​ ensuring that whilst the​ migration is​ in​ the​ Serengeti,​ the​ camp will also be in​ the​ mist of​ the​ animals. One such camp I have heard good reports about is​ EMC [Exclusive Mobile Camp – Serengeti]. it​ is​ friendly,​ knowledgeable,​ embraces fair trade tourism and best of​ all,​ the​ camp is​ very good value for money. They have a​ web site and an​ office in​ Arusha which will give out details of​ the​ migration and the​ position of​ their camp. This is​ great,​ both for tour operators and for people wanting to​ plan a​ safari.

This is​ where the​ internet can help in​ a​ positive way,​ to​ help you plan a​ safari that will truly be a​ holiday of​ a​ life time. There is​ no need to​ hope your travel agent will do a​ good job in​ planning your vacation. Take some of​ the​ responsibility your self and plan your safari; check out your destination and accommodation. if​ your travel agent or​ tour operator is​ not cooperative or​ flexible,​ ask around and go to​ someone who is​ willing to​ earn their commission.

Luxury Lodge Safaris In Tanzania

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