Luxury Lakefront Condominiums Can Be Within Your Reach

Luxury Lakefront Condominiums Can Be Within Your Reach

Luxury Lakefront Condominiums Can Be Within Your Reach
Much has been written about the​ so-called housing bubble in​ the​ United States .​
After growing exponentially for several years,​ housing prices in​ many markets are inching downward .​
Some analysts are even calling this a​ buyer's market,​ especially for condominiums .​
If you've been holding off buying property,​ or​ have thought that the​ cost is​ out of​ your reach,​ it​ may be time to​ take the​ plunge and reach for your American dream .​
Location,​ Location,​ Location
When it​ comes to​ real estate,​ it's all about location .​
Despite reports of​ inflated real estate prices,​ there are many areas around the​ country where luxury remains affordable .​
In East Tennessee,​ for example,​ luxurious lakefront condominiums are both available and affordable .​
Imagine waking up to​ expansive views of​ both a​ gorgeous lake and the​ beautiful Smokey Mountains .​
It's tempting to​ overlook less populated areas and believe that big cities offer greater advantages .​
But when you resist that temptation,​ you see that,​ in​ the​ example used above,​ East Tennessee is​ home to​ Johnson City,​ the​ fourth largest metro area in​ the​ state and the​ home of​ East Tennessee State University .​
The Tri-Cities Regional Airport serves the​ area,​ and the​ Bristol Motor Speedway serves NASCAR fans .​
The Condominium Community
Condominiums are the​ perfect choice when you want affordable luxury without a​ lot of​ maintenance .​
Small condominium communities (with fewer than 25 units) offer the​ camaraderie of​ a​ neighborhood with the​ amenities associated with community living .​
a​ condominium community center,​ for example,​ may have a​ pool,​ fire pit,​ grills,​ and a​ large room where you can hold functions and parties .​
For a​ low monthly fee,​ all outside maintenance will be taken care of .​
What homeowner could ask for more?
Construction and Amenities
When you're considering purchasing a​ condominium,​ look for quality construction and extra amenities .​
These can include firewalls between units; high-quality windows,​ hardwood flooring,​ tile,​ granite kitchen counter tops,​ stainless steel appliances,​ recessed lighting,​ and custom cabinets and closets .​
If you're interested in​ lakefront luxury condominiums - whether for your primary residence or​ as​ your weekend getaway - you'll likely find boat slips available .​
What could be more relaxing than being able to​ have your boat just steps away from your condominium?
The Perfect Condo in​ the​ Perfect Market
If you've been putting off buying your own home,​ now is​ the​ time to​ consider buying a​ condominium in​ a​ less populated area like East Tennessee .​
The prices are affordable,​ the​ extras are available,​ and the​ peace of​ mind is​ inviting.

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