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Few vacations can rival staying in​ elegant London hotels and exploring the​ history of​ the​ British Empire. Think of​ yourself,​ after listening to​ a​ classical music concert in​ Royal Albert Hall,​ crossing the​ street to​ the​ north to​ view a​ marvelous monument to​ the​ Prince Consort,​ Prince Albert. With the​ last notes of​ Vivaldi’s Four Seasons still playing in​ your mind,​ you gaze up at​ the​ centerpiece of​ the​ Albert Memorial,​ a​ seated figure of​ Prince Albert covered in​ gold leaf. Then,​ you take your time,​ strolling around to​ view the​ impressive sculptural Frieze of​ Parnassus,​ which depicts 169 composers,​ poets,​ architects,​ painters,​ and yes,​ sculptors. You return to​ your hotel,​ stopping first for a​ cup of​ tea in​ the​ lobby,​ and then go on​ up to​ your elegantly appointed room for the​ night.

Strolling through Hyde Park the​ next morning,​ you gaze up at​ Wellington Arch,​ also known as​ Constitution Arch. Planned in​ 1825 by George IV to​ commemorate Britain's victories in​ the​ Napoleonic Wars,​ you are told by a​ local Londoner that it​ was conceived as​ a​ grand entrance into central London from the​ west. Also within the​ park,​ south of​ Serpentine Lake,​ is​ the​ Diana,​ Princess of​ Wales memorial,​ an​ oval stone ring fountain opened in​ 2004. Whether your taste for history is​ for queens and kings of​ another age or​ more modern royalty,​ London wraps you in​ its charms like no other city in​ the​ world.

Truly a​ city of​ the​ visual arts,​ London offers over 240 museums,​ from the​ traditional to​ the​ modern. the​ National Gallery on​ the​ north side of​ Trafalgar Square,​ houses 2,​300 Western European paintings from the​ years 1250 to​ 1900. the​ Tate Modern is​ Britain's national museum of​ international modern art,​ housed in​ the​ former Bankside Power Station. Since the​ museum's opening in​ May 2000,​ the​ Tate has become a​ popular destination for Londoners and tourists alike.

Affording a​ London vacation was once limited to​ those of​ wealth and privilege,​ but this is​ no longer the​ case. Using the​ internet site,​ you will discover you can experience London elegance at​ a​ very affordable cost.

By liaising with London hotels directly,​ this site offers stays at​ fine hotels without the​ high costs you might expect in​ a​ world-class city. Additionally,​ the​ hotels are located near the​ London Underground,​ colloquially known as​ the​ Tube. This subway system,​ which is​ itself both a​ delight and an​ experience you will remember for a​ lifetime,​ covers much of​ Greater London and even some neighboring areas. Choosing hotels that are within easy access to​ the​ Tube offers a​ way to​ explore and experience London that is​ both very affordable and highly entertaining—not to​ mention extremely efficient.

Each day in​ London brings memories to​ last a​ lifetime. Experiencing luxury in​ London hotels,​ sampling a​ great city’s culture and its history---never has it​ been more affordable or​ more elegant.

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