Luxury Hotels In Crete For A Top Honeymoon Package

Luxury Hotels In Crete For A Top Honeymoon Package

The Top Luxury Hotels in​ Crete are amongst the​ top hotels on​ the​ Greek Islands,​ and Crete Luxury Holidays are amongst the​ top in​ the​ Meditteranean When you come to​ make a​ decision about a​ Greek Island Vacation,​ you really shouldn’t look any further than Crete. if​ you want to​ take a​ Honeymoon in​ Europe,​ then you can get some of​ the​ best European Honeymoon Packages directly from the​ hotels themselves.

Crete is​ the​ biggest of​ the​ Greek Islands.

When you look at​ the​ sheer scale of​ the​ island,​ it​ measures over 150 miles from East to​ West,​ and 37 miles between the​ North and South Coast. There is​ everything from mountains,​ with totally unspoilt villages to​ very busy resorts on​ the​ beach.

Whether you are looking for a​ Romantic Hotel,​ or​ a​ honeymoon hotel,​ a​ Spa Hotel,​ and intimate Hotel,​ a​ Boutique hotel,​ or​ a​ Hip Hotel,​ then Crete has them all.

What follows are brief descriptions of​ a​ few of​ the​ top luxury hotels in​ Crete hotels which might be what you are looking for when you are deciding on​ either a​ Crete Luxury Holiday or​ a​ European Honeymoon Package.

The Elounda Mare Hotel,​ Elounda with 215 suites and villas,​ is​ easily the​ best luxury hotel in​ Crete,​ if​ not one of​ the​ top resort hotels in​ Europe. Some of​ the​ villas have their own pool,​ and you can enjoy everything from golf to​ tennis,​ and all the​ watersports you can think of.

Istron Bay Hotel,​ Istro,​ Agios Nikolaos is​ incredibly well hidden built into a​ cliff face below road level,​ with several floors,​ huge rooms with large balconies overlooking the​ bay. This luxury hotel is​ definitely one for foodies as​ the​ restaurant is​ award winning.

Palazzo Rimondi,​ Rethymno has 21 rooms and is​ made up from several 15th Century Venetian houses hidden away in​ the​ back streets of​ Rethymno’s Old Town. the​ rooms in​ the​ hotel retain much of​ the​ original features,​ but all the​ enormous rooms,​ which are really suites,​ are very up to​ date and stylishly comfortable. This hotel is​ for the​ connoisseur of​ historical buildings that have been modernised but are still in​ keeping with their surroundings.

Casa Delfino,​ Chania is​ a​ 17th Century former palace situated in​ the​ most beautiful town on​ Crete. the​ Venetian harbour of​ Chania is​ very beautiful and as​ befits the​ best hotel in​ the​ town it​ overlooks the​ harbour from its private roof terrace. it​ is​ quite hidden away in​ the​ old town with beautiful rooms,​ each with a​ marble Jacuzzi,​ and the​ rooms are all off a​ superb central courtyard.

Casa Leone,​ Chania is​ a​ 600 year old mansion hidden away in​ the​ back streets of​ the​ Old Town. it​ has a​ rooftop terrace overlooking the​ Venetian harbour. it​ has been restored quite beautifully and furnished with antiques,​ but has all the​ modern conveniences that 21st century guests demand. if​ you can; get a​ room overlooking the​ por.t

All of​ these top luxury hotels in​ Crete would fit the​ bill if​ you want a​ luxurious honeymoon in​ Europe. Why not split things up and stay in​ two or​ three of​ them!!

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