Luxury Hotel Cape Town

Luxury Hotel Cape Town

We visited Cape Town in​ South Africa to​ attend a​ wedding flying from Birmingham in​ England via Amsterdam to​ Cape Town with KLM.

Our flight touched down late at​ night and we​ were driven by our friends to​ the​ first of​ two luxury hotels we​ had arranged to​ stay at​ for four nights in​ Cape Town:-


This luxury hotel in​ Cape Town is​ centrally located within walking distance of​ both the​ financial area of​ the​ city and the​ shops and parks.

There are fifteen bedrooms. Our room was huge,​ beautifully furnished with a​ wonderful wooden floor and we​ could sit up in​ bed with a​ view of​ Table Mountain.

This luxury hotel in​ Cape Town is​ owned by an​ Englishman who is​ most personable-nothing was too much trouble. Breakfast was a​ delight served by the​ most friendly staff you could possibly meet. a​ lovely lounge to​ relax in​ with a​ drink in​ the​ evening. Although dinner is​ not served there are numerous excellent restaurants close by which the​ hotel can recommend-do not miss dining at​ L'Aubergine! the​ hotel will arrange a​ taxi for you if​ required -in a​ mercedez benz.

You can be assured of​ a​ warm welcome at​ this luxury hotel in​ the​ middle of​ Cape Town and you will be well looked after during your stay.


For the​ final two nights of​ our stay in​ Cape Town we​ moved a​ few miles into the​ exclusive suburbs of​ Cape Town to​ :-


This luxury hotel,​ actually described as​ a​ lodge,​ is​ located in​ a​ peaceful exclusive residential area of​ Bantry Bay.

It is​ personally run and has six bedrooms in​ the​ main house all with balconies with views of​ the​ sea. the​ furnishings both in​ the​ bedroom and in​ the​ public areas are of​ the​ highest quality. the​ bathroom was luxurious. in​ the​ Villa,​ a​ separate building located within the​ grounds,​ there are four bedrooms designed in​ a​ contemporary style. the​ small swimming pools are beautiful with lovely seating areas to​ relax- candles lit on​ an​ evening. Breakfast was served outside overlooking one of​ the​ swimming pools. Dinner is​ also served but we​ did not dine at​ this luxury hotel.

The staff are very attentive and personable at​ this small luxury hotel.


Whilst we​ did not stay at​ the​ Mount Nelson Hotel in​ Cape Town we​ did have afternoon tea and what a​ memorable experience that was! we​ have had afternoon tea at​ many other luxury hotels but nothing has compared with that at​ the​ Mount Nelson Hotel. Do not miss the​ experience!


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