Luxury For Less London On A Shoestring

Selecting London hotels based on​ location as​ well as​ price can make a​ London vacation both comfortable and affordable even on​ a​ shoestring budget. There are many hotels located within an​ easy walking distance to​ “The Tube.” the​ Tube is​ London’s most commonly used form of​ transportation for residents and it​ can make getting around the​ city fast,​ easy,​ and affordable. With 275 Tube stations throughout London,​ it’s not difficult to​ find a​ hotel within easy walking distance to​ one of​ these stations,​ giving travelers easy access to​ the​ many sights and experiences London has to​ offer.

While guided tours of​ London can be costly and most museums charge admission,​ there are many things to​ do in​ this wonderful city that don’t cost a​ dime. For instance,​ visitors may want to​ check out Speakers’ Corner in​ Hyde Park. Other suggestions include the​ many parks located in​ London,​ viewing art at​ Kenwood House and the​ National Gallery,​ watching London light up at​ dusk while walking the​ Embankment,​ or​ trying the​ free food samples that Harrods always has to​ offer. Many affordable London hotels are located in​ close proximity to​ these attractions or​ are just a​ short Tube ride away.

Dining in​ London does not have to​ break the​ bank either. There are certainly many wonderful restaurants in​ London for those who seek a​ luxurious (and expensive) dinner,​ but the​ true adventure of​ London comes in​ part from the​ pub experience. Not only can travelers get a​ pint of​ their favorite local ale,​ but they can also indulge in​ traditional English fare: Fish and chips,​ bangers and mash,​ Ploughman’s lunch,​ roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Additionally,​ the​ pub is​ a​ great place to​ meet some of​ the​ locals and hear about some of​ the​ area’s history and folklore. Visitors may also learn of​ the​ favorite haunts of​ London residents and have the​ chance to​ see a​ side of​ city that other,​ less adventurous travelers might miss.

Saving money while on​ vacation may be a​ necessity for some travelers. For others,​ the​ savings may provide the​ opportunity to​ splurge on​ something very special,​ something to​ be remembered for years after the​ vacation. This splurge might be a​ dinner prepared by a​ world-renowned chef,​ enjoying a​ theatre production,​ or​ a​ memorable stay at​ one of​ many luxurious London hotels.

Unlike many other holiday or​ vacation destinations,​ London can accommodate all budgets,​ even very small ones. There are several London hotels available for £28 (about US $55) or​ less,​ many of​ which are located close to​ the​ Tube. the​ Tube provides fast,​ affordable,​ and easy transportation around the​ entire city,​ making it​ simple for visitors to​ get from one sight to​ the​ next without the​ expense of​ car rental or​ parking fees. London features many admission-free attractions and sometimes the​ best way to​ find them is​ by visiting a​ pub,​ enjoying a​ pint and some grub,​ and taking up conversation with one of​ the​ local residents.

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