Luxury Egypt Holidays At The Adrere Amellal Oasis Eco Hotel At Siwa

Luxury Egypt Holidays At The Adrere Amellal Oasis Eco Hotel At Siwa

When considering luxury Egypt holidays,​ or​ any Egyptian vacation for that matter,​ the​ Siwa oasis,​ and the​ Adrere Amellal oasis wouldn’t be a​ place that came immediately to​ mind. in​ fact you’ve probably never heard of​ either.

The Siwa Oasis is​ where one of​ the​ top eco-hotels in​ Egypt is​ situated,​ and the​ Adrere Amellal is​ probably one of​ the​ finest and most luxurious eco hotels in​ the​ world,​ and as​ such probably doesn’t feature on​ a​ list of​ package holidays to​ Egypt at​ your local travel agent!!

So where is​ Siwa,​ and where is​ the​ Adrère Amellal Oasis?

Why is​ the​ Adrere Amellal considered an​ essential part of​ a​ few knowledgeable peoples Luxury Egypt Holidays?

Siwa Oasis is​ a​ large famous Sahara oasis in​ the​ north west corner of​ Egypt,​ and it​ will take you eight hours to​ drive from Cairo. it​ has a​ unique culture and history,​ not to​ be missed. It’s sensible to​ overnight in​ Cairo after your flight in​ before setting out.

The Adrere Amellal is​ about 16 kms from the​ centre of​ Siwa,​ and is​ situated at​ the​ base of​ a​ majestic white mountain. it​ consists of​ a​ series of​ traditional houses that have been restored into 10 suites and 27 Casbah style rooms,​ all offering genuine comfort,​ and they are all built using local traditional methods. the​ walls are made of​ sun dried salt rock mixed with straw,​ and palm is​ used for the​ stylish roof. the​ furniture and fittings are mostly made of​ palm trunks,​ and the​ region’s handicraft,​ which is​ both colourful and very comfortable.

Every single room has a​ view of​ Siwa Lake and the​ Great Sand Sea with oil lamps and candles for lighting.

In the​ winter coal braziers supply the​ heat as​ the​ nighttimes can be very cold in​ the​ desert.

The pool is​ supplied by an​ ancient Roman spring,​ and the​ Adrere Amellal is​ totally electricity free,​ so not only is​ nightime very romantic with hundreds of​ candles against a​ backdrop of​ the​ incredible desert sky,​ but there are no mobile phones,​ television or​ trappings of​ the​ 21st Century. This alone makes for a​ luxury Egyptian Holiday never mind the​ sheer style of​ the​ hotel!!

Adrere Amellal is​ situated beside ancient olive and palm groves,​ and the​ food is​ simply stunning,​ and organic dining is​ quite a​ different experience. You will try fresh yoghurt,​ thick date syrup,​ eggs,​ local fruit,​ bread,​ and very rich coffee at​ breakfast time,​ and you will eat in​ one of​ the​ natural rocky grottos at​ the​ base of​ the​ mountain.

Lunch and Dinner are cooked in​ clay pots,​ using herbs and vegetables picked from their organic garden. Lunch is​ vegetarian,​ served by the​ pool and the​ evening meal has a​ meat base,​ and is​ served in​ a​ veritable maze of​ rooms,​ eaten by candlelight..

Adrere Amellal is​ totally all inclusive,​ it​ doesn’t even have a​ reception,​ nor room keys!!

It is​ truly an​ amazing place,​ close to​ many sights of​ Siwa,​ such as​ Cleopatra’s bath,​ the​ Temple of​ the​ Oracle Ammun,​ take 4x4 drives into the​ Great Sand Sea. All these activities and more are included in​ the​ all in​ price.

Siwa and the​ Adrere Amellal are unique,​ and very quickly you will lose stress,​ slow down to​ a​ pace of​ life where time is​ measured in​ fifteen minute chunks,​ and not seconds. Where you will accept that sand just gets into everything,​ but you can view an​ almost forgotten world,​ and yet return to​ the​ civilised superbly well staffed hotel,​ and sip a​ cool drink on​ your verandah,​ before the​ stars come up and the​ candles are lit.

Don’t miss this place for a​ luxury Egypt holiday,​ and if​ you want to​ see more holidays n Egypt,​ then go to​

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