Luxury Cruising 3 Myths About Cruises And Why You Shouldnt Believe Them

Luxury Cruising 3 Myths About Cruises And Why You Shouldnt Believe Them

Cruising has become a​ top recreational choice for many people,​ however,​ if​ you are hesitating to​ take a​ cruise because of​ some common myths,​ then you are possibly missing out on​ a​ great vacation experience. Let’s go over each myth and see what the​ real deal is.

Only old people go on​ cruises

Several years ago,​ cruises were heavily populated with elderly people,​ since they always had plenty of​ time on​ their hands to​ take a​ leisurely cruise for weeks on​ end. Visions of​ old ladies with blue hair and countless shuffle board games are not appealing to​ the​ younger set.

These days,​ you’ll be happy to​ know,​ that most cruise passengers are younger people. the​ elderly only make up a​ small percentage of​ passengers. More people in​ their teens and 20s are also going on​ cruises. in​ fact,​ you might have a​ hard time keeping up with all the​ activities geared towards the​ younger set.

I’ll be forced to​ do everything on​ a​ set schedule

It used to​ be that all meals and activities stuck to​ a​ very rigid schedule. Breakfast at​ 9am,​ lunch at​ 12pm,​ dinner at​ 6pm,​ etc. This is​ mostly a​ thing of​ the​ past. While you’ll find that major meals are still served between certain times,​ there are a​ lot of​ eating alternatives where you can grab a​ bite to​ eat or​ sit down for a​ nice dinner,​ without eating in​ the​ main dining room.

Activities happen at​ all hours of​ the​ day,​ so if​ you want to​ sleep in,​ there will still be plenty for you to​ do when you wake up.

There’s not enough to​ do – I’ll be bored stiff

It used to​ be a​ well known fact that the​ entertainment on​ board a​ cruise ship was pretty pathetic: table tennis,​ card games,​ shuffleboard,​ and reading a​ good book was about the​ extent of​ the​ good times.

Now days,​ there are enough activities to​ keep even the​ most energetic person busy around the​ clock. Dancing,​ sports,​ games,​ physical exercise,​ swimming,​ shows,​ are just a​ few of​ the​ activities available on​ board the​ ship.

When the​ ship lands at​ an​ exciting destination,​ you’ll be on​ your way to​ having the​ time of​ your life,​ including site seeing and partaking of​ all the​ fun things you’ve planned to​ do while visiting new places and tourist attractions.

You see,​ there’s no reason to​ put off planning your very own cruise vacation right now. Today’s cruise ships are pretty much floating cities,​ with all of​ the​ attractions and accommodations that any well traveled city would have. in​ fact,​ it’ll probably take you 10 fun-packed cruises before you start getting bored. Now that’s a​ whole bunch of​ fun.

Luxury Cruising 3 Myths About Cruises And Why You Shouldnt Believe Them

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