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One can't venture too far into downtown Tampa (where our business is​ based) and not take notice of​ the​ numerous luxury condo offerings. Whether it​ is​ the​ uber luxe Plaza being developed on​ Harbour Island,​ the​ ubiquitous Trump Towers in​ downtown or​ the​ Five-Star architectural feast of​ the​ Bellamy fronting the​ beautiful winding Bayshore Drive with its million dollar views they all have one thing in​ common – unsurpassed luxury and style. Characteristics only seen and delightfully experienced in​ the​ finest international hotels can now be found at​ home. With 24 hour concierge service,​ valet parking,​ yoga and fitness centers,​ wine cellars and activity/business conference rooms that rival those seen at​ the​ Breakers in​ Palm Beach. Viking,​ Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances,​ marble floors,​ hand-milled tiles,​ and exotic woods are all standard fare. However that is​ only where the​ luxury starts. You can now expect the​ finest in​ haute couture as​ part of​ the​ luxury condominium offering.

The trend to​ add designer cachet to​ luxury condominiums has been steadily rising. Many condominium developers have sought out world renowned designers such as​ Jean Nouvel or​ Philippe Starck to​ design the​ interiors. of​ course even if​ a​ designer isn’t explicitly part of​ the​ design as​ in​ the​ case of​ Armani – his name is​ still invoked and associated with the​ interior design simply by using items from his collections. Peter Som has quickly become the​ wunderkind of​ the​ Fashion Designer / Interior Designer class. His breathtaking haute couture has successfully crossed-over from the​ world of​ textiles to​ the​ world of​ architectural materials. Most famous is​ his amazing interpretation of​ a​ black and white lace dress from his Spring 2006 collection into a​ carved metal staircase in​ the​ lobby of​ 485 Fifth Avenue a​ high-end property in​ New York.

Expect to​ see the​ haute couture for the​ home trend to​ continue to​ grow as​ more upscale homeowners demand added luxury touches in​ their homes. Also as​ in​ all fashion trends you can expect to​ see a​ less expensive pret-a-porter version of​ home haute couture as​ the​ trend toward luxury items grows to​ encompass more than just high-end property owners.

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