Luxury Car Rental Web Sites

Luxury Car Rental Web Sites

Car Rentals: Why just rent a​ car when you can drive one of​ the​ most sought after automobiles in​ the​ world? Being away from home doesn't mean your image is​ on​ hiatus too. we​ found a​ few luxury car rental sources around the​ nation that merit a​ look-see. Renting is​ an​ ideal way to​ either maintain a​ personal standard of​ excellence or​ to​ try out a​ new vehicular experience for an​ "extended" test drive.

With more and more facets of​ the​ luxury lifestyle being rented,​ chartered,​ or​ owned fractionally,​ we​ were driven to​ review some Web sites. the​ critique we​ offer is​ on​ the​ companies' Web sites only. There are no lemons on​ our list.

As more and more luxury consumers use the​ Internet to​ do research before making buying decisions,​ we​ offer our comments in​ an​ attempt to​ make the​ worldwide Web a​ better place for all users.

Midway Car Rental has luxury sedans,​ exotic sports cars,​ limos,​ and SUVs from which to​ choose. Lamborghini,​ Ferrari,​ Porsche,​ Mercedes-Benz,​ Jaguar,​ Lexus,​ Hummer,​ BMW,​ and Range Rovers are represented plentifully. There are several locations throughout Southern California. the​ organization has been in​ the​ business since 1970. With more than 1,​500 vehicles,​ it​ is​ the​ largest privately owned vehicle rental company in​ Los Angeles. Midway Car Rental is​ a​ true pioneer of​ the​ luxury-auto rental industry.

The Web site of​ Midway Car Rental provides a​ lot of​ information about the​ company and its services. the​ outfit has just about everything a​ customer needs online laid out in​ easy-to-follow categories. Our only criticism is​ that the​ company's Web site leaves one-third of​ the​ viewing area blank. Midway has a​ three-column-page setup and only uses two-thirds of​ it. the​ right side of​ all pages on​ the​ site is​ a​ just a​ blue column- which leaves us a​ tad blue. Use that space wisely,​ guys!

Players Car Rental has nine locations with hookups in​ Florida,​ Los Angeles,​ Las Vegas,​ and New York. the​ crème de la crème in​ sports cars,​ sedans,​ convertibles,​ and SUVs is​ available at​ all locations. the​ company,​ which began in​ 2000,​ continues to​ flourish by providing a​ fanciful fleet of​ luxury automobiles and exemplary service to​ upscale consumers around the​ world.

The Web site features three musical tracks and an​ easy-to-find mute button. Without commenting positively or​ negatively about the​ presence of​ music,​ it​ is​ good to​ have choices. Navigation is​ smooth and contact info is​ complete. the​ real timesaving feature of​ this Web site is​ a​ hidden gem that some may overlook. By clicking on​ the​ various car models,​ such as​ Aston Martin,​ Porsche,​ or​ Rolls Royce,​ in​ the​ left column of​ any section of​ the​ site,​ a​ visitor is​ taking to​ page that provides complete details on​ the​ vehicle in​ one place. the​ car's rate,​ specifications,​ and comparable vehicles available are displayed.

Specialty Rentals has all the​ requisite hot-button luxury automobiles available and even more. the​ Northern California-based company has a​ wide range of​ vehicles. Aside from luxury staples,​ the​ company has niche selections,​ such as​ the​ Smart Car and the​ Mini Cooper,​ that may be viewed as​ more utilitarian than luxurious. Specialty offers VIP service and gift cards at​ its nine California locations. Nationwide rental services are provided. Most luxury models can be returned to​ different cities.

The fledgling firm is​ "a division of​ a​ licensee of​ one of​ the​ world's leading car rental companies." it​ is​ found in​ the​ FAQ section of​ the​ Web site. Why the​ mysterious world leader opts not to​ be identified is​ likely just a​ marketing issue. it​ is​ probably something like Ugly Duckling Exotic Luxury Rentals just doesn't hit the​ ear optimally. Everything is​ easily accessible. Navigation is​ smooth; the​ sections are clearly defined.

Excellence Luxury Car Rental has locations in​ Miami,​ Paris,​ and Cannes. All three locations feature exotic sports cars,​ coupes,​ sedans,​ and SUVS. the​ fleet of​ dreamy cars includes the​ Bentley Azure convertible,​ the​ Ferrari F355 Spider,​ the​ Rolls Royce Seraph,​ and the​ Lamborghini Diablo. the​ company also sells cars.

Here is​ an​ example of​ a​ good company with upscale services and a​ so-so Web presence. When the​ homepage of​ a​ Web site greets incoming visitors with a​ message on​ what is​ necessary- from their personal computer- to​ just view the​ Web site,​ it​ is​ a​ bad plan that is​ going to​ prompt a​ fair share of​ prospective patrons to​ look elsewhere. it​ is​ difficult enough to​ get people to​ check out a​ well-designed Web site. Luxury consumers want to​ ease of​ use,​ info and pictures. Two out of​ three ain't bad - but there is​ room for improvement.

When several companies that provide the​ same type of​ service are presented,​ it​ is​ somewhat difficult describing what is​ offered without sounding repetitive. So,​ rest assured that Chicago Exotic Car Rentals has a​ fleet of​ exotic,​ super-luxury vehicles that is​ on​ par with the​ luxury car-rental sources. However,​ the​ Drive 5 in​ One Day is​ a​ deal sweet enough to​ book flight to​ the​ Second City today. Privileged customers can spend 30 minutes driving each car- from station to​ station- through Chicago. the​ tour lasts three to​ four hours. the​ price of​ this extravaganza is​ $895. a​ non-driving guest may tag along for free.

Chicago Exotic Car Rentals' Web site features detailed write-ups on​ its vehicles. Navigating through the​ pages of​ the​ Web site is​ smooth. Additionally,​ the​ company information and the​ FAQs do a​ good job covering the​ all the​ bases.

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