Luxury Beyond Measure Ncl Garden Villas Top 5 000 Square Feet

by Roy Witman © 2006

When you hear the​ words "spacious cabin,​" most people don't imagine a​ 5,​750 square-foot suite. But Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) did! Beginning with the​ Norwegian Dawn in​ 2002,​ NCL began creating Garden Villas aboard their most luxurious ships. Today,​ Norwegian Cruise Line's Garden Villas still offer the​ largest accommodations at​ sea.

Private Staff

The primary goals of​ the​ Garden Villas are to​ offer guests privacy,​ luxury and pampering at​ every turn. Five butlers staff these suites in​ order to​ ensure every need is​ anticipated and met even before guests make requests. Guests have the​ direct phone numbers for the​ suite staff in​ order to​ call upon them night or​ day. Want your luggage packed or​ unpacked? Absolutely! Need help planning and hosting a​ party? But of​ course! Hoping to​ receive VIP tickets to​ events or​ private excursions? the​ butlers are there to​ make it​ happen.

The Accommodations

The Garden Villas include a​ master bedroom and two additional bedrooms,​ each with a​ private,​ luxury bathroom. Guests also have a​ whirlpool tub; large,​ plush beds with premium bedding and a​ dining area. the​ outside,​ multi-tiered sundeck features a​ Jacuzzi as​ well as​ luxurious deck furniture and ample space for entertaining up to​ 100 guests. Garden Villas also treat guests to​ multiple private balconies.

The Views

High atop Deck 14,​ the​ views are simply unmatched. Elegantly decorated,​ the​ Garden Villas offer a​ spacious living room with a​ panoramic ocean view,​ courtesy of​ floor-to-ceiling windows. in​ fact,​ panoramic views are featured throughout the​ suite,​ in​ every room from the​ master bedroom to​ the​ bathroom.

Awake to​ the​ sunrise dancing across the​ waves as​ you enjoy a​ made-to-order breakfast served at​ the​ time of​ your choosing. Then,​ at​ night,​ watch the​ lights glisten off the​ water right outside your bedroom,​ as​ you're lulled to​ sleep by the​ rhythm of​ the​ sea. You're even likely to​ spot dolphins playing in​ the​ ship's wake or​ a​ massive whale as​ it​ crashes through the​ waves.

The Price

At $25,​000 per week,​ you might assume these premium suites go uninhabited much of​ the​ time. Quite the​ contrary is​ true. as​ one of​ the​ most popular suites in​ the​ fleet,​ the​ Garden Villas are almost always filled on​ each voyage.

Families,​ family reunions,​ groups of​ friends,​ multiple families traveling together and those who simply want the​ best accommodations available have been known for occupying the​ Garden Villas.

The addition of​ Garden Villas aboard Star (2001,​ later retrofit with Garden Villas) and Jewel (2005) means there are only six of​ these suites in​ the​ entire NCL fleet. That puts them in​ even higher demand.

If you want the​ most luxurious accommodations available,​ cruise critics agree that Norwegian's Garden Villas are your best option.

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