Luxury And Sports In One Package R35 G35 Nissan Skyline

Luxury And Sports In One Package R35 G35 Nissan Skyline

The radical R35 Nissan skyline is​ completely different to​ previous models you get the​ felling that it​ was Nissans intention to​ tackle the​ likes of​ BMW and Mercedes. Let start with the​ new shape a​ very modern design with smooth curves and lines which make it​ look very European /American.

The front of​ the​ car features a​ huge grill (which is​ a​ bit big for my liking) and sexy vertical style headlights. Moving to​ the​ side view the​ car looks very bulky with huge doors and smooth enlarged guards which look a​ lot less deliberate than that of​ a​ GTR. From the​ rear to​ the​ car looks great with twin exhaust tips and LED brake lights,​ but much to​ my disappointment the​ stove top tail-lights are gone.

The interior of​ the​ car looks great and again has a​ European feel about it. This Skyline has much more leg room than previous models but due to​ the​ sloping room there is​ little heat room in​ the​ back for tall passengers. Airbags are standard of​ course,​ along with a​ 6 stack cd player,​ and climate control. All controls are at​ arms reach and are very easy to​ use.

This Nissan skyline shares the​ same layout and engine as​ the​ 350Z but has a​ more luxurious style about it. the​ wheel base is​ slightly longer and the​ ride is​ more comfortable because of​ this the​ 350z is​ probably a​ slightly better performer. a​ 3.5L V6 replaces the​ aging RB engine and let me tell you it's a​ beauty,​ with 206kw @ 6000rpm and Nm at​ 4'800rpm. This engine performs and sounds fantastic the​ RB engine was good but you just can't beat the​ throttle response of​ an​ NA.

The new platform ignores the​ notion that 50:50 front-to-rear weight distribution is​ the​ key to​ balanced handling. Nissan has employed a​ distribution of​ 53:47 this takes into account the​ pre-load which occurs when steering into a​ corner and counterbalances as​ weight shifts to​ the​ rear under acceleration,​ the​ result is​ a​ more stable feeling car. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) replaces the​ old HICAS system,​ using a​ number of​ sensors it​ reduces both under and over-steer by applying brake pressure or​ cutting power from individual wheels. This technology makes the​ car very easy drive at​ the​ limit.

Over all the​ R35 Skyline is​ a​ fantastic much improved car it​ has lost some of​ its hardcore sport-ness but this has been replaced with a​ more luxurious livable car. I put this car in​ a​ different class to​ that of​ previous models and place it​ up their with more luxury sports cars like BMW and Audi. I believe the​ R35 Nissan Skyline appeals to​ a​ larger audience which is​ good news for Nissan. For pictures,​ videos and more information about this skyline and more I recommend you visit

Glenn Munn
Skyline enthusiast

Luxury And Sports In One Package R35 G35 Nissan Skyline

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