Luxury All The Way

Luxury All The Way

Those seeking a​ dream holiday in​ Mauritius will want to​ take full advantage of​ the​ range of​ activities the​ island has to​ offer. You will be spoilt for choice whether you prefer to​ relax at​ world class hotels,​ indulge in​ spa treatments,​ play golf or​ go shopping. we​ have identified some of​ the​ top activities that will make your holiday even more special.


The first step to​ be sure to​ get you in​ the​ mood for relaxation is​ to​ pay a​ visit to​ a​ spa. Put yourself in​ the​ soothing hands of​ an​ expert who will massage away your aches and pains. the​ most popular spas are One & Only Le Saint Géran,​ the​ Royal Palm,​ Hilton,​ Prince Maurice,​ Beau Rivage,​ Oberoi,​ the​ Residence,​ Sofitel Imperial and Dinarobin hotels which are a​ must have inclusion to​ your holiday itinerary.


The island is​ the​ ideal destination to​ practice,​ perfect or​ improve your golf skills. Several of​ the​ hotels have first class golf courses such as​ the​ three 18 holes at​ Le Paradis at​ Le Morne Belle Mare Plage hotel,​ and One&Only Le Touessrok Golf Course,​ five 9 holes at​ Trou aux-Biches,​ Shandrani (Blue Bay),​ St Géran (Poste de Flacq),​ Maritim (Balaclava) and the​ Sofitel Impérial (Wolmar). There are also two championship golf courses at​ Belle Mare Plage: Legends and Links. By far the​ most popular and impressive golf course is​ the​ One&Only Le Touessrok Golf Course. Situated on​ its own paradise island surrounded by towering mountains and white sands,​ all 18 holes have spectacular views of​ the​ ocean. Designed by Bernard Langer for recreational and advanced players the​ One&Only Le Touessrok is​ the​ ultimate golf course.


Mauritius has miles and miles of​ some of​ the​ whitest beaches ever. Nautical activities include diving,​ deep sea fishing,​ sailing,​ windsurfing and waterskiing. a​ vantage point from the​ coast at​ Tamarin Bay on​ the​ west of​ the​ island provides a​ unique opportunity to​ spot long beaked dolphins and black dolphins. Take a​ trip deep sea fishing for blue/black marlin,​ sharks,​ yellow tuna or​ the​ barracuda species. On land Blue Bay beach located on​ the​ South West of​ the​ island is​ an​ ideal location for enjoying the​ Mauritius climate. the​ tiny island of​ Ile aux Cerfs has one of​ the​ best beaches in​ Mauritius where you can combine total relaxation with the​ fun of​ a​ range of​ watersports.

Eating Out

Mauritians like to​ experiment and be adventurous with their food- this is​ surely testament to​ the​ diversity and culture of​ the​ islands roots. the​ island continues to​ serve visitors top quality cuisine such as​ Creole,​ Chinese and Indian food.


Mauritius offers both diversity and quality in​ its shopping. There are a​ few duty-free shops exclusive to​ tourists. Leading brands of​ shirts,​ trousers and suits are reasonably priced whilst model ships,​ basketwork,​ pottery and specialty drinks and food jars make for delightful gifts. Coffret des Iles available to​ purchase from most hotels,​ selling a​ range of​ gift parcels that can be delivered to​ France,​ England and Germany within 72 hours.

The natural beauty of​ a​ luxury holiday in​ Mauritius is​ made even more special by the​ hospitality and level of​ service the​ island offers.

Luxury All The Way

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