Luxury African Safari At The Mara Explorer Five Star Camp In The Masai Mara

Luxury African Safari At The Mara Explorer Five Star Camp In The Masai

Why not a​ Luxury Africa Safari at​ the​ Mara Explorer Camp,​ situated on​ a​ thickly forested bend of​ the​ Talek River right in​ the​ middle of​ the​ Masai Mara Reserve. it​ is​ at​ the​ confluence of​ the​ Reserve's four main rivers,​ so you are in​ the​ best possible postion to​ view the​ incredible wildebeest migration between June and September.

This is​ the​ place to​ start your Masai Mara Kenya Safari.

Your in​ Kenya Safari can start quickly here due to​ the​ all weather airstrip meaning yu can be on​ your Masai Mara safari less than an​ hour after touching down at​ Nairobi airport.

What a​ place to​ begin your luxury Africa Safari at​ this exclusive camp with only ten luxurious tents which are well spaced out each with a​ verandah overlooking the​ river. There are seven tents with double beds,​ the​ remainder are twin,​ but each tent has a​ luxurious bathroom.

Not only that the​ furnishings in​ the​ tents are genuine 'old colonial Africa' with wooden chests,​ trunks,​ prints etc. the​ best thing of​ all is​ the​ way the​ tents open up to​ the​ sky,​ and there is​ a​ private open to​ the​ elements bath,​ so you can sit and watch elephants and giraffes drinking from your bath or​ of​ course the​ verandah!!

It is​ worth remembering that the​ two way radio in​ your tent is​ there,​because if​ for some reason you want to​ leave your tent after dark you will need to​ call for an​ escort. Weare the​ visitors it​ is​ the​ home of​ the​ wildlife,​ they have right of​ way,​ and the​ will not be friendly!!

Any luxury Africa safari must include great food,​ and the​ Mara Explorer certainly has that. the​ small canvas covered dining area looks straight out over the​ river,​ and the​ vegetables and herbs come straight fom the​ camp gardens.

If you want you can eat on​ your own verandah,​ or​ at​ one of​ a​ number of​ carefully chosen sites in​ the​ bush close by.

Right next to​ the​ dining area is​ the​ camp bar with again beautiful river views,​ and there is​ a​ well stocked library. There is​ a​ very comfortable lounge as​ well,​ again with great river viewing.

Here at​ the​ Mara Explorer Camp you will also be able to​ easily do private game drives with expert local guides. Walking safaris in​ the​ Mara conservation area. Riverside bush breakfasts,​ sundowners and dinners. Hot air balloon safaris,​ and Lake Victoria fishing safaris.

Mara Explorer only caters for children over eighteen years of​ age,​ and this really is​ a​ wonderful place to​ begin or​ end your luxury African Safari

Luxury African Safari At The Mara Explorer Five Star Camp In The Masai

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