Look To Mother Nature To Reduce Stress On The Job

Are inadequate communication with co-workers,​ lack of​ control and even too much work stirring up feelings that you​ just can't take it​ anymore? if​ so,​ you​ may be experiencing work-related stress.

According to​ the​ U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health,​ work-related stress is​ a​ physically and emotionally harmful response that occurs when the​ requirements of​ a​ job don't match the​ capabilities,​ resources or​ needs of​ a​ worker.

Enduring tension headaches,​ neck and back pain,​ and tiredness are a​ few of​ the​ telltale signs that you​ may have work-related stress. Unfortunately,​ stress can affect more than just your performance on​ the​ job. it​ also can affect your health.

Because extreme stress can take a​ toll on​ many parts of​ your body,​ this state of​ mental tension and pressure can leave you​ with various degrees of​ health effects - from uncomfortable conditions,​ like heartburn,​ to​ chronic illnesses,​ such as​ diabetes. in​ turn,​ many stressed-out workers have found that Mother Nature holds the​ key to​ stress-relief.

Studies show that some all-natural products can help you​ control stress during trying work situations while bringing significant changes to​ your long-term health. For instance,​ Vital StressX,​ developed by CyberWize.com,​ contains a​ blend of​ seven unique herbs,​ known as​ adaptogens,​ that help fight stress and restore balance in​ your body.

Discovered by the​ Soviet Academy of​ Sciences,​ the​ adaptogens found in​ Vital StressX increase the​ body's ability to​ cope with internal and external stress factors by helping control the​ production of​ excess amounts of​ cortisol,​ hormones that are always present in​ the​ body but are disrupted during times of​ high stress.

Clinical studies also show that adaptogens can help boost energy and endurance,​ promote heart health,​ sharpen memory and alertness,​ build immunity and help fend off and repair damage to​ your body's cells.

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