Live Transfer Leads Mortgages

Live Transfer Leads Mortgages
If you​ are a​ loan officer or​ mortgage broker,​ you​ may be on​ the​ market for live transfer leads mortgages.
This particular type of​ lead is​ not such a​ bad choice when you​ are determining what type of​ lead you​ want to​ work with.
The live transfer lead works like this.
You sign up for an​ account with a​ live transfer lead mortgages company .​
You determine what type of​ lead you​ would like transferred your way .​
Such as​ the​ type,​ purchase or​ refinance .​
The state,​ the​ credit rating,​ the​ ltv,​ etc.
The lead provider will make contact with the​ prospect for you​ and transfer the​ prospect to​ your direct line at​ your office.
This is​ a​ very good deal,​ but as​ always,​ there may be some unforseen challenges you​ will have to​ deal with.
Suppose you​ step away from your office for a​ few minutes,​ and that live transfer you​ just paid for ends up in​ your voice mailbox.
Remember,​ once the​ lead provider makes the​ transfer,​ they are out of​ the​ picture.
Suppose you​ work in​ a​ large mortgage office and the​ transfer is​ retrieved by your secretary or​ operator .​
Or lets say the​ call is​ taken by another loan officer in​ your office .​
If this happens,​ than that live transfer will have to​ be transferred again.
We all know how annoying it​ is​ to​ be transferred,​ not only once,​ but now twice .​
Your customer probably won’t sit so well with this.
This is​ not to​ say that live transfer leads mortgages are not good .​
Just make sure you​ know what the​ lead provider’s policy is,​ if​ your transfer ends up not being live.
You may also want to​ consider purchasing real time leads .​
Real time leads are delivered to​ you​ by way of​ e-mail according to​ a​ filter you​ have previously set up specific to​ the​ type of​ lead you​ are looking for.
You can receive your lead literally seconds after the​ potential customer hits the​ submit button on​ the​ on-line form,​ cutting out the​ middle man all together.
To sum it​ all up,​ if​ it​ is​ quality that you​ are looking for,​ live transfer leads,​ and real time mortgage leads are the​ way to​ go.

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