Listening Devices And Law Enforcement

Listening Devices And Law Enforcement

Listening devices come in​ many sizes and shapes,​ and can be disguised as​ a​ variety of​ things,​ while others do not need to​ be hidden and are great for purposes other than covert operations. For example,​ there are listening devices that are perfect for use with a​ voice recorder or​ camcorder. Yes,​ they can used discretely and are so sensitive that they can pick up voices from across the​ room.

There are even some listening devices that look like ball point pens that can pick up frequency responses from twenty HZ to​ twenty KHz and that have both ultra-high sensitive and low vibration sensitivity. These listening devices are particularly good for covert operations.

If you need listening devices that are nearly undetectable,​ there is​ one microphone and high gain super mini preamp that is​ the​ tiniest in​ the​ world,​ and weighs less than one half ounce. How is​ that for covert? Then there are listening devices that can be placed against virtually any surface,​ and it​ will amplify any sound vibration up to​ one hundred times. These super sensors can be mounted to​ any surface using acoustical putty that can be reused time after time.

With a​ personal sound amplifying accessory,​ sounds of​ up to​ sixty-five feet away can be heard clearly and accurately. So if​ you are hearing impaired,​ you can use this small listening device to​ pick up everything from voices,​ nature sounds,​ the​ television or​ radio or​ even a​ leaking pipe. Yet it​ is​ so small,​ it​ can easily be mounted on​ to​ your binoculars or​ clipped to​ a​ shirt pocket.

Listening Devices And Law Enforcement

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