List Building Is Your Email Within The Law

List Building Is Your Email Within The Law

It's been almost three and a​ half years since the​ U. S. CAN-SPAM act went into effect,​ and though it​ didn't help to​ stem the​ flow of​ spam into our inboxes every day,​ you still have to​ follow the​ law.

"I'm just a​ one-person operation,​" you may be thinking. But even so,​ even if​ you're just starting out with list building,​ you have to​ remember that your'e still liable. One spam complaint could shut you down or​ worse. Though you're probably protected if​ you use an​ online autoresponder service,​ if​ you're handling mail on​ your own,​ there are some things you need to​ be aware of.

Here are some important parts of​ the​ law:

* No false or​ misleading email headers. the​ "To" and "From" lines must be accurate,​ and you must provide accurate routing information. That should include the​ location of​ your domain and your proper email address,​ and it​ must identify the​ person sending the​ email.

* No misleading subject lines. For instance,​ you can't write to​ people saying the​ message is​ from their doctor when you're trying to​ sell them Viagra. it​ happens all the​ time. Those messages are illegal.

* People must be given a​ way to​ opt out of​ the​ list,​ and provide a​ return email address. When someone does opt out,​ you have to​ honor their request.

Whatever opt out method you choose,​ it​ must be active for 30 days,​ at​ least. You only have 10 business days to​ get people who have requested to​ be removed off the​ list.

* You have to​ identify your message as​ an​ advertisement and include your snail mail address,​ too.

Those are the​ general rules. But there are a​ couple of​ other things to​ consider. Never,​ ever buy lists of​ email addresses. Harvesting of​ addresses is​ also illegal,​ so don't do it. Set up a​ proper list building page that sends your subscribers' names and email addresses to​ an​ autoresponder that automatically confirms subscriptions. This "double opt-in" process is​ just safer. Nothing in​ the​ law says you have to​ do this,​ but it​ just makes things safer.

Always include a​ link in​ your email where people can opt out,​ and show that's what it's for. Usually,​ when you use an​ online autoresponder service,​ this is​ handled for you. Just be sure. And if​ you're using your own software,​ be sure you're in​ compliance. if​ you're not and you're accused of​ spamming,​ you could receive an​ $11,​000 fine and/or be sent to​ prison. is​ it​ worth it?

Definitely not.

List Building Is Your Email Within The Law

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