Lincoln Ls Luxury And Safety

Lincoln Ls Luxury And Safety

Standing for “Luxury Sport”,​ the​ Lincoln LS has been freshened for the​ year 2006. it​ comes with four doors. it​ has the​ capacity to​ take in​ a​ maximum of​ five passengers in​ its spacious and very comfortable cabin. it​ is​ a​ luxury sports sedan. For this year,​ 2006,​ the​ Lincoln LS has been made available in​ only one trim level which is​ the​ V8 Sport.

Upon its introduction,​ the​ Lincoln LS comes equipped with a​ standard 3.9 liter V8 engine that has the​ capacity and capability to​ produce some 280 units of​ horsepower. it​ can achieve 18 mph for city driving and some 25 mph on​ the​ highway. Also made standard so as​ to​ assist the​ engine in​ its performance is​ a​ five speed automatic transmission with overdrive. This midsize,​ rear wheel drive entry level luxury car from Lincoln shares its Ford DEW 98 platform with its relative,​ the​ Jaguar S Type and the​ Ford Thunderbird. Its primary competition includes the​ BMW 3 series,​ the​ Lexus ES,​ the​ Mercedes Benz C Class,​ the​ Acura TL,​ and the​ Cadillac CTS.

Originally,​ the​ Lincoln LS was supposed to​ be named the​ LS6 and the​ LS8. This would be depending on​ the​ engine choice. However,​ these were then replaced with “LS V6” for the​ LS6 and the​ “LS V8” for the​ LS8. This was changed so so as​ to​ avoid any kind of​ confusion with the​ Lexus trademarks.

For this year,​ it​ is​ said that the​ Lincoln LS has received a​ minor facelift. the​ V6 model was deleted from the​ line up as​ soon s the​ Lincoln Zephyr was introduced. Lincoln sure is​ proud of​ this vehicle for it​ has received very high marks during an​ occupant protection crash test. the​ Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave this vehicle a​ rank of​ “Best Pick”. Along with that was a​ perfect score for the​ frontal offset crash test. Along with that,​ the​ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also gave the​ Lincoln LS almost perfect scores in​ the​ test for side impact and rollovers. to​ make Lincoln prouder was when CNBC proclaimed the​ Lincoln LS was one of​ the​ five safest cars of​ all time.

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Lincoln Ls Luxury And Safety

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