Life As A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Life as​ a​ Criminal Defense Lawyer
Life as​ a​ criminal defense lawyer is​ not easy when your job is​ basically to​ help those who are arrested of​ a​ crime .​
While some of​ the​ clients you meet are innocent,​ many of​ them are guilty and have had previous run-ins with the​ law .​
Since the​ law dictates that everyone is​ innocent until proven guilty and you decided to​ specialize in​ this field,​ you have to​ defend this person by putting up the​ best defense there is​ available.
There are various strategies you can use to​ get your client off .​
You can plead insanity or​ claim that someone else did the​ crime .​
If your client has something to​ offer,​ you can make a​ deal with the​ district attorney in​ exchange for the​ client being granted immunity .​
But before you decide what cards to​ play,​ you have to​ talk to​ your client .​
If this person is​ in​ jail,​ you have to​ go there and ask what happened .​
You should already discuss whether to​ enter a​ guilty or​ not guilty plea because your client will be arraigned shortly .​
When a​ trial date has been set,​ you can get a​ copy of​ the​ documents of​ the​ case from the​ district attorney’s office because by law,​ both sides are supposed to​ view everything from the​ police reports to​ the​ evidence .​
You will also get a​ copy of​ the​ people the​ prosecution will be calling to​ the​ witness stand as​ they too will also be aware of​ that so there will be no surprises during trial.
When it​ is​ your turn to​ cross examine the​ witness,​ you should use whatever is​ available to​ cast doubt on​ their testimony because this is​ the​ only way that the​ jury may be convinced that your client is​ not capable of​ doing the​ crime .​
Using expert witnesses of​ your own is​ also helpful since they can dispute the​ claims of​ the​ other camp .​
Before the​ jury will reach its verdict,​ you will have one last chance to​ state your client’s innocence when you are given the​ opportunity for your closing argument .​
When it​ is​ all over,​ you just have to​ wait for the​ decision of​ the​ court to​ take the​ next course of​ action .​
Your client’s not guilty verdict means your job is​ done and you can move on​ and work with another client .​
a​ guilty verdict means you have to​ stay on​ as​ counsel for this individual and appeal the​ jury’s decision to​ a​ higher court so you can perhaps get a​ reversal .​
The best way to​ win an​ appeal is​ to​ determine if​ there is​ something in​ the​ trial that shouldn’t have happened or​ was overlooked .​
These technicalities are better known as​ constitutional protections .​
For instance,​ the​ client’s confession was taken without the​ presence of​ a​ lawyer so whatever they said is​ inadmissible in​ court .​
The same goes if​ a​ search was done without a​ warrant .​
There are many examples which you can use .​
You may even cite a​ case with similar circumstances because this serves as​ precedence to​ the​ one you are working on​ .​
The life of​ a​ criminal defense lawyer is​ challenging no matter how many times you have been inside the​ court room .​
This is​ because you get to​ work with different clients each time since someone who was innocent can no longer be charged with the​ same offense because of​ the​ principle of​ double jeopardy.

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