Less Stress Better Rest

Less Stress Better Rest

In the​ present world of​ today we are always being bombarded with high levels of​ stress and nervousness. These stresses can be mental,​ environmental or​ physical. They place an​ huge strain on​ our physical and mental health.

Most of​ us are aware that unnecessary stress can affect our ability to​ think straight,​ our digestive system,​ adrenal glands and heart. Research has however shown that whenever a​ stressful circumstance arises,​ there is​ a​ knock on​ effect. Firstly stress restrictions the​ blood supply going to​ the​ stomach,​ this hampers the​ digestive system and a​ impermanent shut down of​ our resistant system may follow. if​ we are overwhelmed with stress for an​ extended period we are likely to​ experience fatigue and exhaustion.

Although it​ may not be possible to​ avoid these stress factors in​ our lives there is​ help available. There are many natural herbal supplements,​ known for they’re relaxing properties which assist in​ combating the​ harmful effects of​ anxiety and stress. Several herbs are usually incorporated together to​ make a​ powerful formula.

We will take a​ look at​ some of​ the​ individual herbs,​ which go to​ make up some of​ these potent anti- anxiety supplements.

Berkeley Altovis (Fatigue Fighter) 30 Tablets

Altovis consists of a​ proprietary blend of​ natural,​ premium ingredients that work in​ cycle to​ help you​ fight fatigue. Over 20 million people in​ America suffer from occasional fatigue caused by too much work,​ too much stress.

Baywood Relora® (90 Capsules)

Relora® is​ an​ amazing new natural stress relief and anti-anxiety element used to​ control stress related eating and drinking. Relora® also has the​ benefit of​ being non-sedating with potential anti-depressant properties

EAS C3 (60 Caps)

C3 (Cortisol Control Complex) helps you​ achieve maximum leanness and maintain muscle mass.

Enzymatic Therapy L-Theanine (60 Ultracaps)

Enzymatic Therapy L-Theanine is​ a​ relaxation supplement. L-Theanine is​ an​ amino acid that helps promote a​ restful,​ relaxed state without diminishing daytime alertness.

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