Lemon Law Lawyer Could Be Useful

Since the​ first lemon law was passed in​ 1982,​ all fifty states have enacted some form of​ consumer protection for owners of​ defective automobiles. the​ laws vary greatly from state to​ state,​ but the​ premise is​ the​ same - people who buy new,​ defective vehicles are entitled to​ receive a​ replacement or​ a​ refund. This works well on​ paper,​ but in​ practice,​ the​ process can be rather time consuming and complicated. Some states have rather straightforward requirements for which vehicles qualify; others are far more complicated. Some states allow the​ owner to​ sue the​ manufacturer directly; others require that the​ owner submit to​ manufacturer or​ state sponsored arbitration procedures first.

Since lemon law claims are complicated and are not the​ sort of​ thing that most consumers handle more than once,​ there is​ some advantage to​ hiring an​ attorney to​ help. in​ many cases,​ hiring a​ lawyer isn't necessary,​ as​ the​ system was designed to​ let the​ consumer handle the​ case without legal assistance. But there are many unexpected circumstances that can turn up in​ these cases,​ and most people could benefit from the​ help of​ an​ experienced attorney.

Here are some examples of​ how an​ attorney can help:

Speed up the​ process - Manufacturers are notorious for finding excuses not to​ pay on​ a​ claim. They may be more likely to​ be cooperative if​ the​ consumer has hired legal representation,​ especially if​ you have hired one with a​ proven record of​ success in​ lemon law cases.

Arbitration help - Arbitration programs tend to​ favor the​ manufacturer. They fund the​ programs,​ and many arbitrators are on​ their payroll,​ given them ample reason to​ rule against the​ consumer. While most states do not regard arbitration decisions as​ binding,​ many consumers who handle the​ cases themselves give up after losing an​ arbitration decision. the​ presence of​ an​ attorney can help.

Advice in​ a​ poor case - Some states require the​ consumer to​ pay the​ manufacturer's legal costs in​ the​ event that the​ consumer should lose his or​ her case. These costs can run into the​ tens of​ thousands of​ dollars. if​ your case is​ a​ weak one,​ an​ experienced lawyer could save you this money by letting you know ahead of​ time that you shouldn't pursue it​ in​ court.

In most states,​ consumers who win their cases are entitled to​ compensation for attorney's fees. That being the​ case,​ there is​ a​ strong argument for at​ least discussing your defective automobile with a​ lawyer before you seek a​ refund or​ replacement for your defective vehicle.

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