Learning To Relax To Ward Off Holiday Stress

Learning To Relax To Ward Off Holiday Stress

Learning to​ Relax to​ Ward Off Holiday Stress
Some people think of​ the​ holiday season as​ tiring and​ stressful,​ and​ could sometimes make them lonely or​ depressed. ​
Its not new for us to​ break a​ leg when it​ comes to​ this time of​ season where everyone wants to​ make extra effort in​ dealing with their demands parties,​ holiday shopping,​ cleaning,​ baking,​ caring for loved ones,​ and​ a​ whole list of​ household chores and​ holiday tasks. ​
it​ may sound normal for some,​ but for some people,​ the​ holiday season can be such a​ stressful and​ tiring time of​ the​ year. ​
Giving out healthy tips that could help lessen the​ holiday stress can make a​ huge difference in​ making everyone enjoy the​ holiday season.
There are three main factors that contribute to​ holiday stress and​ depression relationships,​ physical demands,​ and​ finances. ​
By understanding these factors,​ one could minimize the​ stress and​ depression that is​ usually experienced during the​ holidays. ​

It may be called the​ season of​ love but tension in​ relationships do happen even during the​ holidays. ​
Mix it​ up with family conflict and​ the​ various needs and​ interests in​ conflict,​ people can find themselves weighed down by stress. ​

Of course,​ there is​ the​ hidden pressure of​ being happy during this time. ​
But then again,​ if ​ one has just lost their loved one,​ they might be feeling extra lonely,​ especially this time of​ year. ​
Attending numerous parties,​ the​ stress of​ shopping,​ and​ preparation for the​ holidays can be extra taxing physically. ​
Sleep deprivation and​ lack of​ exercise are most common during the​ Christmas season since a​ persons time is​ eaten up by the​ endless errands one needs to​ do. ​

Holiday stress also entails the​ unhealthy effects of​ overeating. ​
While the​ food preparations and​ heavy dinners with family and​ friends may bring lots of​ happiness,​ the​ physical effects of​ overconsumption of​ food are sure to​ follow. ​

Overspending is​ another cause of​ seasonal stress. ​
When dealing with finances,​ people sometimes overdo and​ spend more on​ gifts that might be too expensive for them to​ begin with. ​
Depression can occur whenever a​ person deals with high debts,​ leaving them feeling hopeless and​ sad.
Prevention is​ always better than cure. ​
By preventing holiday stress even before it​ begins,​ one can be sure that they would not be able to​ experience such stress this time of​ year again. ​
Realization is​ key in​ knowing ones own feelings and​ understanding them. ​
it​ is​ okay for us to​ feel lonely or​ sad,​ so go and​ cry your heart out,​ and​ dont force yourself to​ be happy. ​
Take time to​ understand your feelings and​ work your way through them. ​
if ​ feeling isolated or​ left out,​ seek support from family,​ friends,​ social or​ community services,​ and​ also religious groups. ​
They can help lift up your spirits in​ time for the​ holidays.
Do not abandon healthy habits. ​
Indulgence can be temporarily acceptable,​ but only as​ long as​ it​ does not add to​ ones stress and​ guilt. ​
Continue to​ get plenty of​ sleep and​ always schedule time for physical exercise to​ maintain good health without sacrificing on​ delicious holiday food. ​
Also,​ take time to​ relax and​ breathe. ​
Make some time for yourself,​ and​ find something to​ relax yourself,​ whether it​ be a​ walk in​ the​ park,​ a​ hot shower,​ or​ listening to​ relaxing music. ​
a​ 15minute break from everything can help clear ones mind,​ slow down breathing,​ and​ restore an inner sense of​ peace. ​

These are just a​ few reminders on​ how to​ reduce stress and​ depression during the​ holidays. ​
it​ is​ really up to​ you​ to​ experience a​ good holiday season without holiday stress.

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