Learn About Search Engine Marketing

Learn About Search Engine Marketing

Which Search Engine Marketing Tool is​ the​ Best For You?

You created a​ website for your business and filled it​ with a​ lot of​ useful information. Great! Now you​ must get your website recognized and popularized on​ the​ World Wide Web index. in​ doing so you​ have three major options,​ they are: Organic search optimization,​ Paid Inclusions and Pay-Per-Click. These three web-marketing tools are a​ great way to​ get started and get identified. So you​ may ask,​ what exactly are these three Search Engine Marketing tools?

Organic Search Engine

If you​ like free,​ then Organic Search Engine Marketing is​ for you. Organics are found on​ the​ left side of​ the​ page and are ranked by keyword results. For example,​ if​ you​ search Google for ice cream the​ links that appear on​ the​ page are those with the​ keyword “ice cream” on​ the​ page a​ high number of​ times. Also,​ if​ a​ page has internal links with the​ keyword those will be included in​ the​ ranking.

Search engines such as​ Google,​ Yahoo!,​ and Dogpile are constantly changing their algorithms. These are specialized computing data structures or​ recipes that find the​ best websites that represent the​ keywords a​ user searches for. Other common names for algorithms are crawler or​ spider.

Organic Search Engines are the​ most trusted marketing search engine tool. This is​ because they are free and businesses are not influencing the​ search results by buying a​ spot. Organic results also portray a​ level of​ importance when the​ top 10 results appear.

Paid Inclusion

If you​ are willing to​ pay for a​ spot then paid inclusions are for you. These work as​ such: you​ pay money for a​ site indexed in​ the​ search engine,​ which is​ organized in​ a​ priority queue or​ organized sequence. Your link stays indexed as​ long as​ your pay for the​ subscription. This does not promise a​ particular ranking.

As stated above these are not as​ credible as​ the​ organic search results,​ but they do get your page,​ name,​ and material out on​ the​ results pages.


These links appear on​ the​ right side of​ the​ search engine results pages and are under the​ title “Sponsored Links.” These are advertisements and the​ businesses that pay for them get charged every time someone clicks on​ the​ advertisement. Pay-Per-Click links are also linked to​ keywords,​ meaning the​ link appears when the​ keyword is​ typed into the​ search engine.

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