Lawyers How They Negotiate Personal Injury Settlements

Lawyers How They Negotiate Personal Injury Settlements

If you have recently been injured in​ an​ accident through no fault of​ your own,​ you may find yourself in​ a​ sea of​ lawyers without knowing which one to​ choose. After being injured,​ many individuals turn to​ lawyers for help in​ protecting their rights and helping to​ ensure they are fairly compensated for lost wages,​ medical bills and pain and suffering.

Depending on​ the​ accident,​ medical attention may or​ may not be required. in​ an​ automobile accident,​ for example,​ the​ individual who caused the​ accident will be responsible for any repairs to​ the​ victim’s automobile,​ along with the​ previously mentioned compensation. Most individuals hire a​ lawyer soon after the​ accident occurs even though settlement negotiations will typically not begin until after medical treatment has ended.

After concluding medical treatment,​ lawyers will begin to​ negotiate with the​ insurance company representing the​ person who caused the​ accident. During this time,​ lawyers will assess the​ amount of​ medical bills,​ doctor reports and diagnosis,​ lost wages,​ damages and will attempt to​ estimate a​ fair amount of​ pain and suffering. After gaining your approval,​ personal injury lawyers will submit a​ proposal to​ the​ insurance adjuster for consideration. it​ generally takes 30 days for a​ response,​ which is​ expected to​ be a​ counteroffer. at​ this time,​ lawyers will discuss the​ offer with their client and see if​ a​ fair settlement can be reached. if​ not,​ the​ lawyer will prepare another letter explaining that the​ adjuster’s offer is​ not acceptable and will,​ once again,​ request that the​ case be settled for a​ slightly lower amount than the​ original proposed amount. This situation is​ a​ test of​ each side as​ the​ adjuster wants to​ settle the​ case for as​ little as​ possible while the​ lawyers want to​ make sure their clients are properly compensated. After several letters back and forth,​ and perhaps some telephone calls,​ the​ lawyers will advise their client when a​ fair offer has been reached. While they cannot instruct their client on​ what to​ do,​ they can advise them on​ the​ fairness of​ the​ offer and how that figure may change if​ the​ case were to​ proceed to​ trial.

For reasons of​ both time and expense,​ the​ majority of​ personal injury cases are settled out of​ court. Once a​ trial is​ granted,​ attorney fees and court costs increase dramatically. an​ attorney receives a​ pre-negotiated amount of​ the​ client’s settlement,​ but receives a​ larger percentage if​ the​ case moves to​ trial. There are a​ number of​ lawyers who handle personal injury cases and it​ is​ always important to​ select one that is​ most sincere and seems most knowledgeable about the​ process.

The information in​ this article is​ to​ be used for informational purposes only. it​ should not be considered as,​ or​ used in​ place of,​ professional legal advice. Individuals who need legal help should consult one of​ the​ lawyers in​ their area who can assist them with their questions and concerns.

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