Lawn Tractors Can Be Versatile And Agile

Now that you've moved to​ the​ countryside,​ you find yourself with new challenges. For example,​ your new home probably has more grass than you're used to-possibly more than you've ever seen. Not only that,​ but the​ job of​ taking care of​ it​ is​ all yours. When you now have three,​ four or​ even five acres,​ the​ walk-behind mower that used to​ do a​ fine job on​ your smaller suburban lot just isn't going to​ cut it.

In searching for a​ solution to​ this challenge,​ a​ growing number of​ rural homeowners have turned to​ a​ tool that lawn maintenance professionals have used for years: the​ highly maneuverable,​ highly productive zero-turn-radius mower. That's why they're the​ single fastest-growing equipment segment in​ the​ outdoor power equipment industry.

Many homeowners see the​ zero-turn as​ a​ fast and fun way to​ mow large lawns. They've seen contractors use these machines and they say "I want to​ mow like the​ pros." What most homeowner customers don't realize,​ though,​ is​ there are significant differences between the​ commercial zero-turn mowers they see the​ pros run and the​ residential zero-turn machines priced for their budgets. While large commercial models offer a​ lot of​ stability on​ hillsides,​ smaller residential mowers are more susceptible to​ drifting downhill when on​ an​ incline. That means you have to​ make slight corrections to​ keep the​ mower on​ a​ straight line-the first time you experience that drifting sensation it​ can be more than a​ little disconcerting.

In addition,​ the​ purchase of​ a​ zero-turn mower is​ an​ investment in​ a​ pure mowing machine. However,​ if​ you've chosen to​ live out in​ the​ country,​ chances are you'll have a​ lot more chores than simply mowing your lawn. if​ you want one machine that offers you the​ flexibility to​ blow snow,​ do blade work,​ pull a​ utility cart,​ or​ perform a​ variety of​ other tasks,​ then a​ lawn tractor or​ garden tractor is​ going to​ be a​ far better option.

Thanks to​ innovative design and engineering from John Deere,​ you don't have to​ sacrifice the​ agility and maneuverability of​ a​ zero-turn mower for the​ flexibility and multipurpose functionality of​ a​ lawn tractor. You can find four-wheel steer on​ several models of​ Select Series Tractors. These machines have been designed and built to​ perform a​ variety of​ light- and heavy-duty tasks for customers who have larger properties of​ up to​ seven acres with more landscape features and challenging terrain. These tractors come in​ a​ range of​ 17 to​ 27 horsepower,​ both air- and liquid-cooled engines,​ depending on​ the​ model. Other features include:

• a​ unique combination of​ engine features and an​ exclusive hood design to​ deliver greater lugging ability and longer engine life.

• Mower decks that provide a​ high-quality cut over a​ range of​ cutting heights. the​ Edge™ Mulch deck is​ fitted with unique removable gates that allow the​ operator to​ mow even if​ the​ grass has grown to​ a​ longer-than-normal cut height. Wide-gauge wheels provide improved functionality on​ rough ground and a​ four-point mount is​ more resilient to​ abuse and tough terrain.

• the​ John Deere Heavy Duty CargO™ Mount,​ Quick Hitch and Click-N-Go systems to​ accommodate a​ wide range of​ heavy-duty attachments.

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