Lawn Mower Spare Parts

Lawn Mower Spare Parts

The article describes the​ essential spares that you need to​ have so that your lawn mower continues to​ function as​ a​ new one. Some of​ the​ parts are cheap and require them often,​ so keep them with you all the​ time.

Necessary Lawnmower Parts

You need some of​ the​ parts for continued availability of​ your lawn mower. These parts are cheap and easy to​ replace and you will be able to​ do it​ yourself at​ home without requiring any major tools. it​ is​ possible that you would get these spares at​ the​ at​ the​ neighborhood shops but it​ is​ frustrating experience to​ stop your work,​ go to​ the​ shopfor a​ part,​ and come back again to​ restart your work in​ your garden. Some times the​ spare part is​ not available at​ the​ shop as​ the​ model has changed and the​ part is​ no longer available.

You may curse yourself for not buying the​ part when it​ was available,​ just because you thought since it​ is​ available,​ you need not buy it. the​ part cost may be very little but your mind will continue to​ curse you until the​ part is​ available and your lawn mower starts working once again

Gasoline Engine Parts That You Should Have

For your gas engine lawn mower,​ it​ is​ advisable to​ have the​ following parts with you and you should be able to​ replace these parts yourself without help of​ a​ mechanic

Spark plugs: the​ spark plugs of​ lawn mowers are small compared to​ the​ spark plug of​ your car and it​ is​ never possible to​ get it​ in​ morning at​ seven O’clock on​ a​ Saturday morning when you have just started mowing work with a​ lot of​ zest and the​ spark plug fails. You know that the​ plug has failed and you cannot replace it,​ as​ you do not have a​ spare one with you.

Belts: Belts can and do break at​ the​ most inconvenient time. the​ belts and spark plugs seem to​ have a​ contagious disease. When one fails the​ other also follows suit. Belts are easy to​ change if​ you have them with you.

Cutting blades: Cutting blades may give you trouble when you in​ a​ hilly area. a​ stone may be lodged in​ the​ body and blade. if​ you have a​ spare blade you will be able to​ change it​ easily.

Various control cables: the​ throttle and the​ choke operate on​ cables. Keep the​ control cables with you. Control cables operate inside a​ sheath also called as​ outer cable. it​ may not be necessary to​ have the​ outer cable with you as​ stock,​ keep only the​ inner cable

Spare nuts and bolts : if​ the​ controls operate by levers,​ keep a​ spare set of​ connecting bolts,​ as​ the​ bolts go off due to​ vibrations and cannot be found if​ lost

Panel indications: it​ is​ not necessary to​ have panel indications and meters on​ the​ panel as​ stock as​ your lawn mower will continue to​ function without panel indication. You can always take the​ mower to​ a​ mechanic at​ a​ time of​ your choosing.

Spare tires are necessary for the​ lawn mower on​ wheels. Keep one ready and fully inflated for use during flat tire on​ the​ lawn mower. For the​ walk behind ones,​ you may need a​ solid rubber tire,​ but lawn mower can limp and work for some time.

Parts For Electric Lawnmowers

You do not need many spares for your electric lawn mowers. a​ set of​ fuse holders,​ cable and cable winder spares,​ switches,​ cable connectors and insulation tape will however be necessary for use in​ emergency

Parts For Battery Lawnmower

Such lawnmowers require least parts to​ be stocked. You may stock only the​ switches and battery leads etc.

Trouble shooting for lawn mowers:

Troubleshooting for gas engine:

Failure to​ start – look for fuel flow,​ switch malfunction,​ spark plug full of​ deposits,​ spark plug cable not connected,​ spark plug porcelain cracked

Starts but does not take load: Fuel flow not proper,​ plug cable loose,​ engine temperature too low,​ belts loose

Noise from engine: mechanical problem,​ fan loose,​ belts loose,​ stone lodged with the​ cutter,​

Overheating and smoke from engine: cooling system malfunctioning,​ mechanical systems malfunction etc.

Troubleshooting for electric lawn mowers

Does not start: Problems with power supply,​ check power supply

Starts but speed slow: Check carbon brushes

Shocks: Check power supply,​ check supply cable. Kinks and cuts in​ power supply cable

Troubleshooting for battery operated lawn mowers.

Does not start: Dead batteries,​ charge them

Battery life to​ short: Charge after completely discharging,​ change batteries if​ performance does not improve.

Lawn Mower Spare Parts

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