Lawn Mower Keep Your Lawn Pretty All The Time

Lawn Mower Keep Your Lawn Pretty All The Time

Lawn mower offers to​ keep your lawn pretty and beautiful all the​ time. Since a​ well-maintained lawn is​ a​ reflection of​ the​ owner’s personality and aesthetic senses,​ so one should always take care of​ the​ lawns. a​ poorly kept lawn overrun with yellow patches and dried weeds is​ definitely an​ eyesore to​ say the​ least. So to​ provide good ambience to​ the​ entire surrounding of​ your home you should regularly mow your lawn.

What to​ consider while purchasing a​ lawn mower?

The first thing to​ consider while purchasing a​ lawn mower is​ the​ size and texture of​ your landscape. is​ you lawn sloppy or​ in​ a​ flat ground? What type of​ lawn mower will exactly suit your purposes? Considering these factors are very important. if​ your lawn is​ sloppy in​ nature,​ then you should get a​ lawn mower with high wheels. This will not only make it​ easier to​ push up or​ down a​ hill but also mow at​ the​ fastest speed. the​ other type includes a​ cordless or​ electric lawn mower. This second type is​ much less messy and mulches your lawn perfectly. However,​ the​ third type including the​ reel lawn mower does not contribute to​ the​ environmental pollution and is​ quite easy to​ use.

How to​ maintain your lawn mower?

The lawn mower should not rip or​ pull the​ grass and weeds. it​ should mow the​ field perfectly. After mowing is​ complete,​ you should undertake a​ good maintenance program so that the​ lawn mower gives the​ grasses better cuts for years to​ come. Every spring you should clean and maintain the​ following parts of​ a​ lawn mower:

- Nuts and bolts should be checked and tightened wherever necessary
- Spark plugs should be cleaned and replaced for good firing systems
- the​ air filters should be cleaned and replaced on​ a​ regular basis.
- Apply oil in​ your lawn mower to​ lubricate the​ engine
- Clean the​ underside deck throughout the​ season to​ remove grass and dirt
- Sharpen the​ blades at​ every alternate months so that the​ grasses get a​ clean cut

When you are keeping your lawn mower in​ storage for a​ long time,​ it​ is​ advisable that you remove the​ oil and gas and clean the​ exterior.

Safety tips while using lawn mower

To keep the​ lawn mower in​ perfect safety,​ you should properly read the​ instructions on​ the​ manual. While you are using the​ lawn,​ make sure that the​ children are not playing near the​ mower. Do not fill the​ tank of​ the​ lawn mower with gas in​ an​ enclosed area like under the​ house,​ garage or​ in​ a​ shed. it​ can lead to​ combustible fumes. Lastly,​ you should never add fuel to​ your lawn mower while the​ engine is​ running.

Lawn Mower Keep Your Lawn Pretty All The Time

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