Lawn Mower Blades As The Hard Working Part Of Lawnmowers

Lawn Mower Blades As The Hard Working Part Of Lawnmowers

This article explains the​ care of​ the​ lawnmower blades. the​ lawn mower blades have to​ be kept sharp by sharpening regularly. the​ article will give you tips how do it​ yourself safely and in​ most efficient way.

Details of​ Lawnmower Blades

The lawnmower blades are made of​ tool steel or​ ordinary steel called mild steel or​ carbon steel. the​ edges of​ the​ blades made of​ tool steel remain sharp for longer time and will require lesser sharpening over the​ age of​ the​ blade. Tool steel blade is​ costly and generally cannot be sharpened at​ the​ DIY workshop. the​ mild steel or​ carbon steel is​ cheaper and easy to​ maintain. the​ blades have to​ be kept sharp. if​ this is​ not done,​ grass blades will be torn off instead of​ being cut. Apart from the​ obvious ugly look,​ the​ growth of​ grass blades is​ adversely affected as​ the​ moisture retention capacity of​ blade is​ reduced.

Sharpening of​ Lawnmower Blades the​ DIY Way

You can sharpen the​ lawnmower blades your self quickly and easily. This operation can take a​ very short time. the​ procedure is​ very easy and you can do it​ yourself. the​ following procedure will apply irrespective of​ the​ type of​ lawnmower. Consult the​ operation manual of​ your lawnmower for removal of​ blades.

1. Be sure to​ disconnect all the​ power sources before begin with the​ process. in​ case that your lawn mower was a​ battery powered one,​ then remove the​ battery or​ batteries,​ depending on​ the​ model. Check twice that all the​ power controls are off to​ avoid an​ accidental engine start.

2. the​ second step will be finished as​ soon as​ you remove the​ blades totally from the​ mower. You might need external help to​ achieve it,​ using a​ couple of​ spanners may help a​ lot,​ however be sure that it​ doesn’t slip. BE careful while doing this,​ because it’s easy to​ cut yourself whether the​ spanner slips.

3. Once the​ blades are out of​ the​ mower,​ you need the​ number them in​ order to​ fit them back later.

4. Fix a​ blade in​ a​ stable holding or​ a​ vice to​ work easily.

5. the​ sharpen process begins here. You will need a​ grinder or​ file for it. Make sure to​ follow the​ blade’s contour and sharpen it​ to​ your convenience. Sharpen all blades using the​ same sharpened to​ a​ perfect later cutting grass.

6. Time to​ refit the​ blades along. Make sure to​ do it​ along with balancing,​ if​ it​ exists any.

7. There is​ an​ option of​ sharpen blades without removing them from the​ mower,​ however it’s uncomfortable as​ well as​ more difficult. You will also need a​ flexible shaft angle grinder to​ a​ perfect sharpened,​ which will save you time.

8. the​ last step is​ the​ blade balance checking. to​ carry the​ blades balancing you need a​ balancer. a​ clue to​ find whether or​ not the​ blades are correctly refitted,​ is​ checking if​ the​ mower vibrates,​ if​ so then blades are not well balanced.

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