Lawn Care Maintenance For Mere Mortals

Though everyone likes to​ see their lawn in​ an​ enviable condition few are aware of​ the​ basics of​ lawn preparation and maintenance. Planting the​ seeds,​ spraying for the​ weeds,​ and watering your lawn,​ all look simple but proper maintenance of​ a​ good lawn is​ no simple task. to​ some,​ lawn care is​ serious business - reading every bit of​ the​ literature that they come across and going for a​ serious lawn building exercise that may make this interesting past time a​ rudimentary daily routine.

Lawn care and maintenance is​ more of​ an​ enjoyable past time rather than a​ core activity. Consider these basics of​ healthy lawn care. While talking about lawns the​ first thing to​ consider is​ mowing. the​ frequency of​ mowing,​ the​ growth of​ the​ grass,​ and the​ lawn movers are all integral part in​ deciding a​ good mowing habit. Quite often small opening up of​ the​ soil leaving more space for the​ lawn to​ breathe would accelerate healthy growth of​ the​ grass. the​ lawn is​ to​ be sufficiently watered especially during large dry spells of​ summer to​ sustain the​ growth of​ the​ grass. Lawns need a​ good supplement of​ a​ proper mix of​ fertilizers with adequate nitrogen phosphate and potash.

If we​ go a​ bit technical,​ lawns require more than one annual feed. the​ feed for the​ summer need contain a​ nitrogen rich fertilizer where as​ an​ autumn feed should be rich in​ phosphate and potash with an​ adequate supplement of​ worm killers and disease resistance. For watering,​ the​ coolest time of​ the​ day,​ either in​ the​ morning or​ in​ the​ evening is​ advisable,​ the​ frequency being once a​ week.

A good lawn care management program includes proper weed control besides appropriate mowing and application of​ fertilizers. the​ basic mowing lesson includes use of​ sharp blades and regular mowing from March to​ October. Care should be taken not to​ move the​ mower backwards and forwards. in​ the​ case of​ new lawns,​ the​ first thing to​ be considered is​ to​ prepare a​ smooth and level ground by a​ tractor and box blade. as​ regards sowing the​ seeds they need spread in​ two directions preferably with a​ rotary spreader. the​ seeds are to​ be planted around thirty days in​ advance. Depending upon the​ temperature the​ seed suitable for hot season or​ for the​ cold spell may be selected. a​ healthy lawn requires more or​ less an​ inch of​ water during a​ week. Further aerating in​ spring is​ considered best for the​ lawns. the​ recent trend in​ the​ lawn care is​ the​ use of​ the​ organic fertilizers. These are environmental friendly and harmless to​ the​ plants. Literature on​ organic fertilizers is​ plentiful on​ the​ market. the​ cost of​ the​ organic fertilizers is​ almost the​ same that of​ the​ chemical fertilizers but the​ benefit stays longer.

The type of​ lawn care depends on​ one’s budget. One can afford to​ spend thousands of​ dollars should the​ lawn making is​ taken as​ a​ serious hobby. If,​ on​ the​ other,​ hand one needs a​ well maintained lawn to​ spend a​ few hours with family and friends the​ same may not cost much.

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