Law Students Networking With Law Firms To Find A Great Internship

Law Students Networking With Law Firms To Find A Great Internship

For most law students,​ networking with law firms is​ the​ best way to​ find a​ great internship. in​ large cities and small towns,​ the​ legal community is​ close knit and many times,​ it​ is​ who you know,​ not what you know. the​ more people you meet with,​ the​ better your chances of​ building your professional network,​ and finding a​ great intern position. Networking is​ best started with one’s own friends and acquaintances. You can gradually branch out to​ network with your friends’ friends,​ colleagues,​ and members of​ the​ legal profession,​ as​ well as​ others in​ the​ business community that can further your efforts.

Do not be shy about contracting people of​ the​ legal profession who are not known to​ you. Concentrate on​ lawyers who are active in​ your field of​ interest. Make a​ list of​ potential law firms and seek appointments to​ set up interviews. You can make it​ clear that you are not looking for a​ job or​ internship,​ but seeking their advice and suggestions on​ your common field of​ interest. in​ the​ process of​ meeting them,​ if​ they do have an​ opening for an​ intern,​ they may consider you. However,​ your primary concern at​ this time is​ to​ increase your networking. Think of​ it​ as​ personal marketing that will serve you well your entire career.

Preparing for Internship
Prior to​ networking with fellow professionals and law firms,​ ensure that you have your resume ready. an​ internship resume must be informative,​ proactive and engaging. Have it​ written by a​ professional to​ ensure you stand out from the​ crowd amongst all other intern applicants. Emphasize your area of​ interest and why you want to​ intern for a​ certain law firm. Your resume should emphasize your experience (including volunteer work,​ community service and clerking positions while in​ school) that are relevant to​ your field of​ interest,​ your commitment to​ the​ law and must express your passion for your chosen career field.

Your resume should be well written to​ create a​ good impression,​ and should be accompanied by an​ excellent cover letter.

Depending on​ the​ law firm you are applying to​ for your internship,​ you may be required to​ submit a​ number of​ documents with your job application,​ such as:

• A covering letter stating the​ reasons for applying
• A detailed resume
• A sample of​ written legal work (take care that it​ does not breach client confidentiality)
• Two written references
• Copies of​ university and other degrees,​ and/or diplomas
• A list of​ specialized courses taken

If you have applied to​ a​ foreign law firm for your internship program,​ you will require submitting copies of​ your passport,​ as​ well. Make sure that your internship application is​ submitted as​ per the​ law firm’s requirements.

Law Students Networking With Law Firms To Find A Great Internship

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