Law School Know How

Law School Know How

Getting into law school can be a​ very arduous task for aspiring students. You need to​ start as​ early as​ your freshman year in​ high school if​ you decide that being a​ lawyer is​ what you really want to​ do for the​ rest of​ your life.

Do not be misled by the​ rosy portrayal of​ a​ lawyer’s life in​ TV or​ in​ the​ movies. in​ real life,​ lawyers would have 12 to​ 18 working hours,​ especially for those who are aspiring to​ be partners in​ their respective law firms.

In order to​ achieve your goal,​ first,​ you need to​ have the​ correct mindset. Here are some tips on​ how students can realize their lifelong goal of​ becoming a​ lawyer:

1. Know what you want,​ and how to​ get it.

First,​ reflect on​ the​ reasons why you would like to​ pursue this career. if​ you are just looking for the​ 'flash' or​ recognition of​ becoming a​ lawyer,​ remember that becoming one is​ sheer hard work. Just like in​ every profession,​ you need to​ give yourself into studying,​ then working as​ a​ lawyer.

You may have this idealistic view as​ a​ kid that you want to​ save the​ world from the​ injustices that is​ why you would like to​ become a​ lawyer.

If you find yourself still passionate about this cause,​ there is​ no harm in​ pursuing your dreams.

More importantly,​ remember that once you decide on​ taking up law,​ you need to​ work very hard as​ a​ student.

2. Take off your rose-colored glasses.

You need to​ understand that not every student who takes up law ends up with a​ job as​ a​ lawyer once they graduate.

You will not necessarily end up as​ a​ courtroom hero saving an​ "innocent criminal" in​ this field.

You may find yourself dealing with real estate,​ corporate law,​ divorce cases,​ or​ even drafting up wills.

Prepare yourself for all possibilities because anything could happen.

3. Ask yourself,​ "Am I competitive enough?"

From the​ time that you send in​ your applications,​ to​ the​ time that you take the​ exam to​ be a​ licensed practitioner,​ there will be competition.

Applications for entry into law schools soar every year. What are your chances of​ being chosen and accepted as​ compared to​ thousands of​ other applicants?

Check the​ skills that you have and once you are confident enough that you can get into law school,​ then you have gone through the​ first step in​ achieving your goal.

4. Go to​ a​ university which has a​ record of​ getting a​ lot of​ students into law school.

It is​ safe to​ say that if​ you are a​ graduate of​ a​ school which "produces" a​ lot of​ great law students,​ then this should be a​ plus factor for you.

There are universities that help the​ students get into law school by providing mock exams and interviews,​ and also offer letters of​ recommendation.

5. Having a​ good grade-point-average (GPA) is​ not enough,​ you need to​ pass the​ Law School Admission Test (LSAT) with flying colors.

Maintain your GPA,​ and make sure that you perform well in​ the​ LSAT's. There are web sites where you can take practice tests at​ a​ certain cost. You may also enroll in​ a​ course that aims to​ prepare you for this particular exam.

6. Be an​ early bird.

Once you have decided on​ entering law school,​ make sure that you submit your applications way before the​ deadline. This should give you ample time to​ prepare.

Finally,​ you need to​ organize your letter of​ recommendations,​ transcripts and all the​ paperworks that you will need to​ get in.

You may seek the​ advice of​ a​ consultant,​ undergraduates or​ lawyers who have already passed the​ stage that you are now going through as​ a​ hopeful law school student.

If you combine hard work with determination and you prepare everything in​ advance,​ you will surely gain entrance to​ the​ prestigious law school of​ your choice.

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