Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

Everyone’s been talking about it​ – heck,​ you are reading about it​ right here. What are they talking about? This phenomenon we​ call the​ Law of​ Attraction.

People always seem to​ ask the​ same question,​ does it​ really work? the​ answer – YES!

Absolutely,​ unquestionably,​ and eventually it​ always does when we​ apply the​ proceeding principal. .

What I am about to​ offer is​ what that next step is. it​ is​ a​ very common word,​ that when applied,​ along with the​ attraction principle,​ will bring you what you desire even faster…the word is​ - ACTION!

All successful people understand that simply ‘wishing’ for something is​ great. it​ gets the​ ball rolling,​ so to​ speak,​ and opens our minds and hearts to​ the​ possibility of​ something special.

Now combine that with positive,​ forward thinking,​ action steps and you can attain anything you have your sights set on​ at​ an​ amplified speed.

It works like this…
Imagine someone sitting in​ their living room and saying to​ themselves,​ “I would LOVE a​ fruit tree in​ the​ backyard.”

Well,​ that’s great – and it​ puts the​ law into motion.

(Let me ask you,​ what would it​ take to​ make that desire materialize right away?)

They would go to​ the​ local nursery,​ and pick up a​ fruit tree,​ drive it​ home,​ dig a​ hole,​ fertilize it,​ keep it​ watered along with weeds away from its roots….right?

Then after an​ incubation period of​ about two years,​ it​ blooms,​ and produces fruit….and what do you know?

Viola! You have yourself a​ fruit tree in​ your backyard.

Sure,​ you manifested it​ and applied the​ laws of​ attraction (heck you are the​ one who wanted it​ in​ the​ first place); but then you did something many are simply not willing to​ do …you took action!

You put the​ Law of​ Attraction INTO action!

So many people miss this key ingredient.

They may desire wealth,​ romance,​ security,​ happiness,​ etc…and believe they will receive it​ overnight.

If that was so,​ everyone would win the​ lottery that plays each time,​ or​ fall in​ love whenever they left the​ house.

As we​ know,​ life does not work that way.

We have to​ take certain steps in​ order to​ have our dreams fulfilled,​ such as​ learn to​ budget and open an​ investment program,​ or​ enroll into a​ dating service,​ etc…

You are a​ smart person; that is​ why you are reading this right now…you want to​ move forward and are willing to​ open your mind to​ new ideas.

Here is​ my suggestion.

Within these pages,​ you will find an​ abundance of​ ideas to​ create a​ vision of​ what is​ important to​ you. Once you have the​ clarity of​ what that something is​ –

Write beside it​ what action steps you could take right now,​ today,​ to​ move closer to​ making that dream a​ reality.

Then do something crazy –

Take Action,​ and make it​ so.

Your very own fruit tree is​ waiting for you; now roll up your sleeves,​ and get to​ digging…before you know it,​ you’ll be enjoying the​ sweet fruit of​ your efforts,​ too!

Learn more from Greg Reid and Pass it​ On…and here’s to​ your success!

Law Of Attraction

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