Law Of Attraction Your Subconscious Mind The Matchmaker

Law Of Attraction Your Subconscious Mind The Matchmaker

The best way to​ seek a​ soul mate,​ or​ a​ life partner,​ is​ to​ use the​ law of​ attraction. the​ best way to​ seek your ideal mate is​ not through your conscious mind,​ a​ friend,​ a​ professional matchmaker or​ a​ computer,​ but your own subconscious mind. Your subconscious is​ already aware of​ your character traits,​ and the​ manifestation will take into account who best fits your character,​ because nobody knows you best than your own subconscious.

To begin looking for the​ perfect life partner,​ make a​ list of​ the​ character traits you are looking for in​ a​ soul mate. Are you looking for someone who is​ soft-spoken,​ religious,​ a​ good cook,​ a​ good home-maker,​ love animals,​ or​ someone with a​ good sense of​ humor? is​ this person you are searching for good looking,​ articulate,​ brunette,​ blonde,​ blue or​ brown eyes,​ sexy,​ a​ good conversationalist,​ animal lover,​ or​ love decorating? And is​ this person working in​ a​ bank,​ with the​ government or​ self-employed?

Tell your subconscious exactly the​ person you are looking for as​ your soul mate and meditate as​ you would like all your other requests to​ the​ universe. You have to​ be clear in​ your choice of​ a​ soul mate and ask the​ universe to​ find for you this person each time you meditate. Never stop asking. Then imagine being married to​ such a​ person already. if​ you are sleeping on​ a​ king-size bed now,​ sleep on​ one side of​ it​ and pretend your soul-mate is​ sleeping next to​ you.

Make some room in​ your wardrobe for your soul mate’s clothes. Do the​ same on​ the​ dressing table to​ make room for your soul mate’s stuff. Have the​ feeling of​ expectancy that your soul mate will be joining your life soon and you are making room for him or​ her. Your emotions play a​ key role in​ the​ manifestation process.

If you go out shopping,​ buy something for your soul mate,​ however small it​ may be,​ like a​ scarf,​ or​ a​ hand towel. Make belief that your soul mate is​ already living with you. Make all these feelings real,​ and then go out and socialize as​ you would on​ your normal leisure time. Each time you socialize,​ have this expectancy of​ meeting your soul mate and each time you meet a​ new person,​ size him or​ her up and refer to​ your list of​ criteria which you listed down in​ the​ beginning,​ and check next to​ those criteria if​ this person meets your desired traits.

For anyone serious in​ getting the​ ideal soul mate of​ their dreams,​ this is​ one strategy you cannot ignore. the​ manifestation process is​ like the​ universe sieving through the​ masses of​ people to​ bring to​ you your ideal choice. as​ the​ likely candidates appear before you one after another,​ you have to​ make the​ choice of​ acceptance. as​ the​ subconscious cannot speak directly to​ you,​ you have to​ rely on​ instincts or​ six sense,​ because that is​ the​ subconscious way of​ communicating with you. But it​ doesn’t mean that if​ you reject,​ the​ flow of​ candidates will stop. it​ won’t. the​ candidates will continue to​ appear before you until you make a​ conscious decision of​ selecting your ideal choice.

Law Of Attraction Your Subconscious Mind The Matchmaker

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