Law Of Attraction You Do Not Attract What You Want

Law Of Attraction You Do Not Attract What You Want

If there is​ one secret to​ the​ attraction process it​ is​ this one nugget of​ truth. Try to​ master it​ and you will find a​ big difference in​ your ability to​ attract easily and faster than ever before.

What is​ this secret you are asking? First ask yourself,​ “What do I want?” Make a​ list of​ those things you want. Now ask yourself how does it​ feel when you do think of​ those things. Most people will tell you that they feel sad,​ frustrated down and needy. All those feelings are in​ total disharmony with the​ actual feeling of​ having.

Now ask yourself how would you feel if​ you NOW had all the​ money in​ the​ world to​ do the​ things that you really want to​ do?

Can you feel just how different that feeling is? There is​ a​ distinct feeling of​ pretending or​ imagining what it​ is​ to​ now have the​ thing that you “want.”

To successfully apply the​ law of​ attraction you must move into the​ feeing of​ having as​ apposed to​ the​ feeling of​ wanting. One of​ the​ most difficult things for most people to​ do is​ to​ bring themselves into the​ feeling of​ having. It’s not easy but there are many techniques that can easily bring you into that state with great easy.

The mehtod to​ successfully manifesting is​ to​ vibrate on​ the​ state of​ already having and the​ more you can feel yourself in​ a​ clear,​ balanced and rich state with an​ abundance of​ energy the​ faster you can materialize what you want.

There are many ancient teachings that use various spiritual tools to​ bring themselves into a​ fast alignment to​ manifest in​ magical ways. What we​ struggle with such as​ money,​ home,​ relationships could easily be gained as​ we​ learner the​ be in​ the​ state of​ harmony with those things.

The law of​ attraction and the​ principles of​ manifesting are actually quite fun if​ you can simple move out of​ the​ heavy states of​ fear and neediness.

A child would learn to​ manifest much faster than an​ adult. Most adults struggle simple to​ believe that the​ law of​ attraction actually works. That happens to​ be the​ biggest obstacle to​ apply the​ attraction principles. if​ believing is​ so hard to​ do then its only natural that there would be lots of​ fear and tension associated with attracting.

If you are fearful and have any doubt then you are in​ the​ state of​ wanting and not having.

Law Of Attraction You Do Not Attract What You Want

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