Law Of Attraction The Power Of Positive Words

Law Of Attraction The Power Of Positive Words

In the​ universe,​ there are two great forces at​ work. we​ know them as​ good and evil or​ positive and negative. They are two powerful forces in​ their own right. in​ similar fashion,​ there are positive words and negative words,​ each causing opposite reactions when used by humans. we​ all know how positive words can make us feel good and inspire us,​ and how negative words can bring us down and led us to​ pain,​ anger or​ sadness. we​ have seen how positive words bring people together,​ build nations and how negative words destroy friendships,​ start wars,​ etc. Positive words and negative words work the​ opposites and they affect how the​ law of​ attraction manifests our thoughts.

How do we​ lift up a​ disheartened person? Definitely with positive words. we​ don't use negative words to​ lift someone's spirit up. Our mind works in​ the​ same manner. Positive words are food for the​ mind and they work magic. They send out strong vibrations to​ make our wishes a​ reality. Great self-development gurus use positive words to​ inspire and motivate people to​ reach their goals. When we​ use negative words like "can't",​ "impossible",​ "maybe",​ "if",​ "whatever",​ the​ mind will register a​ negative tone and the​ vibrations that we​ get is​ minimal,​ if​ any. When we​ use positive words like "for the​ good of​ all",​ "I can",​ "I will",​ "thank you",​ and "I love you" in​ our daily life,​ we​ become creative and magnetic. Our mind vibrates and sends out positive waves to​ the​ universe. When we​ greet someone with "Good morning",​ the​ feeling resonates and affects the​ other person. Such is​ the​ power of​ positive words. Negative words are like poison. They will wear us down. Negative word is​ a​ rejection. Just like in​ ordinary lives they can break a​ relationship and they can also do the​ same with our mind,​ cutting off our receiving power and negate us. to​ work the​ law of​ attraction,​ we​ have to​ get rid of​ negativity and start to​ think and speak differently.

To explain in​ an​ analogy,​ negative words are like cholesterol in​ the​ blood stream. They hang on​ to​ the​ artery walls and slow down the​ flow of​ blood. in​ the​ end,​ we​ develop health problems like hypertension,​ which will lead to​ other complications. we​ have to​ get rid of​ this cholesterol in​ order to​ survive and lead a​ healthy and meaningful life. But unlike bad cholesterol,​ negative words are easy to​ get rid of. Just don't use them! Keeping negative words in​ our vocabulary is​ toxin for the​ mind,​ for when we​ start to​ send our thoughts to​ the​ universe,​ our vibrations get hindered by the​ presence of​ these negative words,​ and as​ a​ result we​ get very weak vibrations. People who use the​ law of​ attraction but refuse to​ get rid of​ the​ negativity in​ their thoughts end up with frustration and blame that the​ law doesn't work for them. we​ can't make the​ law work unless we​ get rid of​ that stockpile of​ negativity from our vocabulary. That is​ the​ reason why when we​ are angry,​ the​ sooner the​ anger is​ released,​ the​ lighter we​ feel in​ our heads with a​ great sense of​ satisfaction. That is​ our subconscious telling us we​ have disposed off what is​ just excess baggage in​ our heads. we​ have to​ regurgitate all those negative words out of​ our system. From today onwards,​ let us only use beautiful and positive words. the​ English language has plenty of​ them.

Get rid of​ the​ feelings of​ hatred,​ jealousy,​ bad vibes that we​ have of​ others. They are not necessary and they just wear us down. They are just clutter in​ the​ brain and block our access to​ work the​ law of​ attraction. With positive words and positive thoughts,​ the​ vibrations that we​ send with our thoughts will get quality manifestations and quality results.

Law Of Attraction The Power Of Positive Words

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