Law Of Attraction The Power Of Love

Law Of Attraction The Power Of Love

Love everything that happens to​ you. it​ is​ one of​ the​ secrets to​ working the​ law of​ attraction. Love every minute of​ the​ day and make it​ a​ real part of​ your life. Get used to​ this new way of​ feeling and it​ will lift you to​ the​ next dimension,​ the​ place where you should be in​ order to​ work the​ law of​ attraction.

Love your car,​ your house,​ the​ trees and the​ flowers. Love the​ birds and appreciate the​ beautiful sounds they make. Love your friends and love your neighbors. Love is​ a​ state of​ mind. You can just decide to​ do it,​ and when you do,​ you will find that love bounces back to​ you,​ and with it​ the​ ability for you to​ work wonders with your mind.

Throw away all you past attitudes and beliefs. Start loving everything that exists in​ this world. They are here for a​ reason and they are subjected to​ the​ same laws and conditions of​ existence as​ you do. Develop the​ disposition of​ a​ loving heart and you will emit a​ stronger vibration to​ the​ universe for your desires. the​ light that shines in​ your aura is​ conditioned by the​ qualities of​ your character. the​ better and purer you are,​ the​ greater the​ light and depending on​ its brilliance is​ whether or​ not you can work wonders.

Be patient and be courageous. Be regular in​ your meditation before you go to​ bed and when you wake up early in​ the​ morning. Be calm and loving no matter what obstacles you may be facing. Love is​ the​ factor that opens any door and you need to​ cultivate love everyday in​ order to​ reach that higher dimension where the​ law of​ attraction is​ working from.

If you look at​ people who have had the​ greatest achievements with the​ law of​ attraction – people like Bill Gates,​ Warren Buffet,​ Oprah,​ Richard Branson etc,​ they have this aura with them that emanates love whenever they appear. They praise,​ they educate,​ they give and they advice,​ all attributes of​ people with a​ loving heart. Their disposition brings them to​ a​ higher plane where success just breed more success.

You must cultivate a​ strong loving heart to​ reach this higher plane and purity in​ your disposition. People who are full of​ envy,​ vengeance,​ and selfishness just clog up their minds which result in​ weak manifestations when they try to​ send their thoughts to​ the​ universe.

Let people try hard to​ hurt you by any means and use the​ strength of​ your character to​ avoid getting angry. When you manage to​ overcome any attempt to​ topple your character which you have built solidly on​ love,​ you are at​ a​ better position to​ work the​ magic in​ your mind and put the​ law of​ attraction to​ your advantage.

With a​ loving heart,​ you are striving on​ purity. Purity of​ character sends a​ stronger vibration to​ the​ universe and the​ law of​ attraction works better for people who have reached this state of​ being.

Law Of Attraction The Power Of Love

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