Law Of Attraction The Number One Killer

Law Of Attraction The Number One Killer

Is the​ law of​ attraction working for you as​ you would like? For most people the​ answer would be a​ bit lukewarm. That’s because the​ real secret to​ apply the​ law of​ attraction is​ still not fully known by most people. I know the​ moment I discovered the​ missing link I instantly saw a​ rapid increase in​ attracting the​ things I want. the​ results were so phenomenal that it​ blew me away.

It’s understandable that most people are having a​ hard time in​ manifesting what they want because the​ most important component is​ not full understood.

To fully benefit from manifesting one must increase their over all personal manifesting fuel. we​ all have a​ certain amount of​ manifesting substance but one of​ the​ number one killers of​ this creative substance is​ resentment.

There are so very many people who hare filled with thoughts of​ resentment which depletes their soul of​ the​ vital manifesting essence.

Resentment works as​ a​ virus in​ the​ mind and in​ the​ body. Not only are you constantly engaging the​ law of​ attraction when you focus this strong emotion into your reality but you are also depleting your good creative fuel.

Positive thinking and the​ law of​ attraction is​ a​ perfect formula for success but positive thinking has several necessary additions.

When you invest in​ thoughts of​ resentment you are also creating a​ body which vibrates on​ a​ very low and damaging frequency. Resentment is​ an​ energy of​ lack which literally draws on​ your manifesting fuel,​ depleting you of​ what is​ crucial to​ attracting what you want. What in​ turn happens is​ that you continue to​ remain in​ a​ very hard and painful cycle.

If you are vibrating thoughts of​ lack you can spend hours thinking and wishing up all that you want but sadly you will struggle before you do get it.

If you have ever felt stuck and wondered why you could not attract better circumstances or​ the​ money or​ people that you desire to​ meet,​ ask yourself if​ you are resentful of​ anything or​ anyone in​ your life.

Law Of Attraction The Number One Killer

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