Law Of Attraction How To Use Affirmations

Law Of Attraction How To Use Affirmations 1

To affirm means to​ declare what is​ already present. it​ is​ the​ same with creating and using affirmations to​ attract or​ to​ transform the​ things which we​ desire.

When you create an​ affirmation you are declaring to​ yourself and the​ universe that the​ desire is​ already created. as​ you continue to​ repeat these affirmations you are also holding your thoughts clearing with intense focus on​ the​ creation that you have made.

Affirmations serve many purposes when trying to​ manifest the​ things you want. Applying the​ law of​ attraction can be hard when you try diligently to​ maintain positive uplifting thoughts. It’s almost impossible to​ monitor your thoughts twenty four hours a​ day but when you create clear affirmations with details they become a​ great tool in​ controlling your thoughts and in​ turn influencing the​ law of​ attraction in​ your favor.

Here are three ways to​ use affirmations with your law of​ attraction practice to​ get great results.

1. the​ first step to​ using the​ affirmations is​ to​ become very clear about what you want. in​ order to​ become clear you would need to​ write out all the​ details that you would like to​ see and experience in​ the​ thing that you want. the​ clearer you are about your intentions the​ more power you give to​ your affirmations.

2. Write a​ clear positive affirmation in​ the​ first person stating your desire as​ if​ it​ is​ already complete. Never make statements such as,​ “ I wish I could be… or​ someday I can have or​ I don’t want to​ do…”

These three statements are the​ most ineffective statements when creating your affirmations. the​ affirmation must be created with power and faith in​ order to​ fully shift the​ law of​ attraction in​ your favor. You must absolutely omit any words that tie you to​ the​ thing which you do not want. if​ you want to​ stop thinking in​ a​ negative way,​ it​ is​ best to​ state,​ “ I now think and feel in​ the​ most positive way. I thoughts are happy and positive every moment of​ the​ day.”

3. Move into the​ affirmation with feeling. Feeling adds the​ power to​ your desires. Feelings generate an​ internal energy that allows your whole being to​ absorb your statement.

Many people find it​ a​ bit hard to​ really create success with their affirmations and that is​ as​ a​ result of​ stuck emotional energetic patterns that are difficult to​ change. There are many incredible techniques that can shift those affirmations quite deeply that they make the​ attraction process even easier and more effective without the​ mindless repetition.
How deeply are you willing to​ go to​ see the​ changes that you know are possible to​ have?

Law Of Attraction How To Use Affirmations

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