Law Of Attraction How To Make Your Own Luck

Law Of Attraction How To Make Your Own Luck

Do you ever wonder what makes one man more successful at​ one thing while another fails miserably at​ the​ very same thing? Often if​ you interview people who are successful at​ attracting wealth they all have one thing in​ common. They all feel lucky.

What is​ it​ to​ feel lucky really? it​ all comes back to​ the​ law of​ attraction and that inner feeling that a​ person has. the​ feeling of​ luck is​ like blind faith. It’s an​ inner tone that makes you feel that anything is​ possible.

When a​ person feels lucky they are resonating similarly to​ that state of​ joy,​ hope and excitement. All those feelings are high vibration. the​ higher your vibration the​ faster
your ability to​ manifest what you want.

You can put the​ law of​ attraction to​ work much faster by allowing yourself to​ simply feel lucky. Put aside your concerns for how something will come about. Most wealthy people will tell you that they had no idea how their plans were going to​ come about but they keep that good feeling of​ luck and hope inside.

I had a​ great conversation recently with a​ man who teaches Ti-chi,​ jokingly he said,​ don’t you feel lucky after having sex?” He went on​ to​ explain that that feeling of​ greater possibility comes to​ use when we​ engage in​ moments of​ surrendering to​ joy.

The more you allow yourself to​ open up to​ blissful feelings the​ luckier you actually become. It’s not the​ other way around. Most people feel that they are lucky after something happens.

Feeling lucky first allows the​ law of​ attraction to​ work with you at​ that higher expanded vibration allowing your desires to​ manifest with greater ease.

Sometimes someone wins the​ lottery and when that person is​ interviewed they often say,​ “I just felt so lucky today and so I plaid and now I have won.” Prior to​ wining maybe that person had nothing at​ all but the​ feeling of​ being expanded,​ hopeful and lucky.

Law Of Attraction How To Make Your Own Luck

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