Law Of Attraction Expect What You Want

Law Of Attraction Expect What You Want

One of​ the​ most important steps in​ consciously using the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ learning to​ change our expectations. Why? Because the​ Universe delivers exactly what we​ expect to​ see. Our expectations are formed on​ the​ foundation of​ our existing beliefs.

If we​ believe ourselves to​ be lacking financially,​ we​ will expect to​ see a​ bigger proportion of​ bills than income - and the​ universe delivers. if​ we​ believe we​ are sick,​ overweight or​ weak,​ we​ expect to​ feel pain and fatigue - and the​ universe delivers. if​ we​ believe ourselves to​ be unworthy of​ love,​ we​ expect not to​ be loved - and guess what the​ universe delivers?

Think back to​ the​ experiences you've had in​ your past and ask yourself if​ you got what you were expecting. Have you ever uttered statements like these?

I just can't get ahead!
I'm so sick of​ struggling.
Everything always goes wrong for me.
If it​ wasn't for bad luck,​ I'd have no luck at​ all.
This is​ too good to​ be true,​ something's going to​ go wrong.

Words like these are actually self-fulfilling prophesies. You are,​ in​ effect,​ placing your order with the​ universe at​ the​ moment you begin feeling the​ feelings behind the​ words (yes,​ even before you SPEAK the​ words!). the​ universe doesn't care what words you use,​ it​ pays attention to​ your vibrations - the​ energetic signal you're sending out. That signal is​ formed by your beliefs and expectations.

So how do we​ change our expectations? is​ it​ possible? Absolutely!

One of​ the​ most powerful things you can begin doing is​ consciously expecting the​ best. Throughout the​ course of​ your day,​ take a​ few moments to​ pause and expect something wonderful. Say to​ yourself,​ "Today is​ going to​ be a​ great day!" Try to​ find the​ positive expectation in​ every experience. if​ your boss asks to​ speak with you privately,​ rather than expecting him to​ reprimand or​ fire you,​ expect him to​ praise you and give you a​ pay raise! Rather than expecting to​ see bills in​ your mailbox when you get home,​ expect to​ see a​ check.

The more you can keep this feeling of​ happy expectation in​ your heart,​ the​ more often you will see results that directly mirror your expectations.

Does it​ sound unbelievable? Far-fetched? Try this little experiment:

Before leaving your home one morning,​ say to​ yourself,​ "Sometime today I will see the​ image of​ a​ bumblebee (or any image you choose - it​ should be something you wouldn't ordinarily see during your daily activities). I choose to​ attract this image into my awareness,​ and it​ will jump out at​ me so I don't miss it. I KNOW I will see this bumblebee,​ and that will prove to​ me that my expectations DO affect my experiences." as​ you speak these words,​ infuse them with power and conviction! Believe with all of​ your heart that you will indeed attract this image to​ yourself. Then let go of​ it​ and continue with your day like usual.

If you don't see the​ image you've chosen,​ you know you didn't put enough power and faith into your expectation!

The first time I tried this experiment,​ it​ didn't work for me. Looking back,​ I'm aware that I didn't really BELIEVE I would see a​ bumblebee. I hoped I would,​ but I was doubtful. Still,​ I decided to​ try again the​ next day. That's when I really energized my expectation with unshakable faith and conviction. I was DETERMINED to​ see a​ bumblebee sometime during my day,​ and I wouldn't accept any other outcome. Boy did I get what I asked for! All that day,​ I saw bumblebees wherever I went. Bumblebee logos on​ passing trucks,​ references to​ bees mentioned on​ the​ radio,​ a​ cashier wearing a​ bumblebee pin when I did some shopping,​ and my husband watching a​ television special on​ bees when I got home!

Once you begin to​ see that you can influence your experiences even in​ small ways,​ imagine the​ sense of​ empowerment you'll feel when you decide to​ expect something better in​ the​ bigger aspects of​ your life. Try it,​ I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Law Of Attraction Expect What You Want

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